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Reimagine the Road

This ad utilises a split screen technique to display the 1994 TAC "Night Shift" ad next to our modern remake to show, shot for shot, how far road safety has come.

We open on a close up of a driver who appears drowsy. The light is low and morning birds can be heard. A close up of his modern speedo shows he's driving at 100km/hr on cruise control.

An external shot reveals the VW to be driving on a safe, modern country road. The vehicle hits a tactile edge line as it drifts slightly in its lane.

A semitrailer in the distance is driving towards the camera.

We see a close up of the driver, blinking slowly.

An external shot shows the VW now drifting to the right-hand side of the road, starting to cross over the white line marking.

His passenger wakes up, stretching and looking towards a beeping sound coming from the dashboard. The sun is rising through her window.

We then reveal the VW to be driving on a single carriageway, veering towards a wire rope barrier running down the middle of the road.

The semitrailer drives past in the opposite direction without incident. The VW corrects its course.

We see the Fatigue Detector illuminated in the dashboard.

We cut to the VW pulled over at a rest stop. They emerge from the vehicle looking a little shaken. Their dialogue runs behind the VO.

Her:     You alright?

Him:    No… Can you drive?

Her:     Yeah, course.

VO:      While we've come a long way, we'll always make mistakes. But with safe roads, cars, speeds and people, we can change road safety for good.


Super: Together, we can change road safety for good.


Fade to black.

Super:             Towards Zero, TAC and VicGov logos.

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Then and Now

Together, we can change road safety for good.

The Then & Now campaign introduces the four pillars of our safer road system (Road, Speeds, Vehicles & People) to Victoria in a way that is relevant, recognisable and centred around an unavoidable truth – as humans, we are vulnerable and we make mistakes.

It illustrates how far we've come in order to galvanise Victorians to keep moving forward towards a zero road toll.

And it reminds us that such a vision relies upon shared responsibility – improvements to enforcement and infrastructure, as well as our behaviour and attitude.

Together, we can change road safety for good.

Visit the Towards Zero Website

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