A future where every journey is a safe one



Vanessa was born from the need to spread the road safety message to young people and this trusty bus has now become a fleet that breath tests, supports and educates young road users about road safety.


The Vanessa program came about in 2006 as a way of delivering the road safety message to young people at high risk events such as music festivals.

Since humble beginnings where Vanessa, a converted Booze Bus, attended only a handful of events, the program has continued to grow each year in size and scope. By 2013 Vanessa has evolved into a two-storey road safety education/entertainment machine. She’s a mobile cinema, a chill out spot, a photo booth, a blood alcohol tester, and a big sis to thousands of festival goers across the state.

And to top it all off, Vanessa is the captain of her very own fleet with Mini-V (5-star Mercedes Vito), and Vanessa Bute (5-star Ford ranger) joining the ranks.

Image of the Vanessa Fleet

This is the Vanessa’s eighth year on the road, and, together with her trusty fleet, she engages over one million young Victorians at music festivals and other events annually. Her online reach also continues to grow with a loyal Vanessa Facebook/Instagram fan base of 15,000 and counting.

Visit Vanessa’s Facebook for yourself, and check out the event calendar to see where you can find her next.