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Information for TAC clients

Information for existing TAC clients

This section is for people who have an accepted TAC claim. If you have had an accident and need to lodge a claim, please visit the What to do after an accident section.

Here you will find information about the things the TAC can pay for and how to claim them.

You will also find information about the TAC's medical excess and if it applies to you.

The TAC's 'After your accident' videos also explain the ways that the TAC can help you after an accident.

Watch the 'After your accident' videos

After your accident videos

Medical excess

The medical excess is the amount of treatment and support services you may need to receive before the TAC can start to pay. The medical excess does not apply to everyone. Visit this section to find out if the medical excess will apply to you and what you will need to do if it does.

Find out more about the medical excess

Treatment and support services

The TAC pays for the reasonable cost of medical treatment, rehabilitation services, disability services, travel and household support services that you may need as a result of your accident injuries.

Find out how TAC can help with treatment and support services

Work and income

The TAC pays loss of earnings benefits for people who are unable to return to work because of their accident injuries. Loss of earnings benefits is a temporary income support while a person recovers enough to return to work.

Find out how TAC can help with work and income support

Home and family

The TAC can provide a range of support and services to help you and your family after an accident.

Find out more about support for your home and family

Lump sum compensation

The TAC can pay lump sum compensation to eligible clients. There are two types of payments available, an impairment benefit and common law damages.

Find out more about lump sum compensation

Managing your injuries

Recovering from an accident can be a challenging and emotional time. The TAC is here to support you in achieving your goal of recovering or gaining independence after your accident.

Find out about managing your injuries

Working together - you and the TAC

Our aim is to work with you and your providers and health professionals in a positive, honest and professional manner.

Find out we can work together

Peoples' stories

The TAC regularly shares stories of our clients and their families. Here you'll find client stories and videos about inspiring TAC clients.

View Peoples' stories

Forms and brochures

This section has links to brochures and commonly used forms for TAC clients.  If you can't find the brochure or form you're looking for, you can search for the topic using the search box in the top right-hand corner.

Find commonly used forms and brochures

Locate a health or service provider

Here you'll find a list of home help or attendant care providers. You can also access contact details of  physiotherapists, occupational therapists and pain management providers who have skills and experience in treating TAC clients.

Locate a health or service provider