Working with TAC clients

Find out what you need to know about working with TAC clients.


Our guidelines detail exactly what services and treatments we can and cannot pay for, and anything else you need to be aware of.

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Clinical Panel

The Clinical Panel includes specialists in medical, disability, allied health and mental health. Clinical Panel members are available to provide clinical advice to support you to treat your TAC patients.

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This section contains a range of clinical tools and information to assist you in providing treatment to a person with a transport related injury, including the clinical framework for the delivery of health services. See the latest health research as well as the evidence reviews on treatment choices here.

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Certificate of Capacity

Information you provide on a TAC certificate of capacity helps us make claim related decisions to better support your patient's independence, recovery and return to work.

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Returning to work

Helping your patient return to work can reduce the social and financial impact on their life and wellbeing, and increase the likelihood of a timely recovery.

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Ordering equipment

Access the TAC Equipment List and other useful information on how to recommend equipment to a person with a transport accident injury.

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