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P Platers and Speeding

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What’s the risk?

Judging and controlling your speed when you haven’t got much experience is tricky. It’s easy for new drivers to unintentionally exceed the limit, resulting in less time to notice and avoid hazards.

How can you help.

Speed limits are the maximum allowable speed for the type of road and environment, making it safer for all road users.  Remind your young driver to adjust their speed for the conditions and not to exceed the speed limit.

Many GPS devices have speed limit alerts. If your young driver has access to one, encourage them to use it but remind them to set it before starting to drive. It means they can be aware of their speed without taking their eyes off the road.

There are many times when it might not seem like it, but what you do still has strong influence on your young driver.  So the best thing you can do is continue to lead by example and reinforce their safe driving habits when you’re in the car with them.

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