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P platers and vehicle safety

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What's the risk?

Young drivers often drive the oldest and least safe cars on our roads, providing a lower level of protection in the event of a crash. 

For a lot of young drivers safety isn't as big a priority as a car's look and performance. Price is often the main criteria when choosing a car and you might think that a safe car is unaffordable.

How can you help.

Parents often assist their child with their first vehicle purchase.  Sometimes this involves financial assistance, and sometimes just advice, but whatever your role, do whatever you can to get them into the safest vehicle in their price range. 

When helping your child choose a first car, err on the side of caution and go with the safe choice.  The How Safe is Your First Car website lists only 4 and 5 star safety rated cars that are p-plater approved and their price range. These days safety doesn't have to be expensive. Until then, you might be able to let them drive the safer family car.

How Safe Is Your First Car?


Choosing a safe car for your young driver