Travelling on buses

School buses are a safe and convenient way for children to go to and from school. However, most pedestrian accidents involving buses happen either before the bus arrives or after it has driven away. It is crucial children know how to act safely before they get on a bus and after they get off a bus.

Bus safety tips

Both parents and children need to be aware of road safety around school buses and public buses. We have some tips below to help with yours and your child's safety.

For Children:

  • Stand well back at the bus stop until the bus has completely stopped.
  • Wait until the bus has moved off before crossing the road. This gives other drivers on the road the chance to see any pedestrians more clearly. It also allows pedestrians to have a clear view of traffic.
  • Choose a safe place to cross the road, not in front of the bus or between parked cars.

For Parents:

  • Wait for children on the same side of the road as the bus stop. Parking opposite the bus stop can lead to an accident as children may be tempted to run across the road to meet you.
  • If you have to park opposite the bus stop, cross the road and wait on the same side as the bus stop.
  • Do not park in the bus parking bay. This area should be left free for the bus to get in and out.

Make sure you familiarise yourself with all the necessary laws so you can tell your children the right information, particularly as it applies to buses and children safely crossing roads.

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