New road safety campaign to tackle drink driving myths

Published date: 04 Dec 2023

The State Government is reminding Victorians to be extra cautious on the roads by not drinking and driving this holiday season after a devastating year on the roads, with 272 lives lost on roads across the state.

A new road safety campaign will highlight the dangers of low-level drinking and driving and bust the myths people believe on how to stay under .05 when drinking alcohol and ultimately says don’t drink and drive.

The latest TAC Road Safety Monitor report reveals a concerning 48% of Victorians would still consider driving after two or more alcoholic drinks.

The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and Victoria Police ad campaign Stop Kidding Yourself. If you drink, don’t drive says it’s time to remove the guesswork and don’t risk drinking and driving.

The impactful new campaign combats key myths on the speed at which people drink, how many standard drinks are appropriate per hour, if people have had enough water, how much people have eaten and even body size.

The ad campaign also emphasises one of the mandatory penalties for all drink drivers caught in Victoria – having an interlock device installed.

Of all the substances that are tested roadside, alcohol remains the most represented drug in fatally injured drivers – with close to one in five drivers and riders killed being over the legal limit.

Victorians will see and hear the new campaign across TV, online, radio, music streaming platforms, cinemas, regional press, social media, outdoor advertising, and billboards – from 4 December 2023 through to 31 January 2024.

The Victorian Government is delivering this campaign to address one of the key focus areas of the Victorian Road Safety Action Plan 2021 – 2023, to support and enforce safer driver behaviour.

For more information on the campaign follow this link to the TAC website.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Roads and Road Safety Melissa Horne

“Alcohol remains a leading factor in trauma on our roads. ‘Stop Kidding Yourself’ busts the major myths surrounding drinking alcohol and driving, urging Victorians to prioritise safety on our roads.”

“Even in small amounts, alcohol affects perception, vision, concentration, reaction time and causes drowsiness – all of which increases your risk of making a tragic mistake on the roads. It’s not worth the risk – if you drink, don’t drive.”

Quotes attributable to Transport Accident Commission CEO, Tracey Slatter

“As we head into summer and the festive season, this campaign is a timely reminder to Victorians that drinking and driving don’t mix. We want to embrace a culture where driving after drinking any alcohol is not considered normal."

“Many people think they can manage their blood-alcohol level by following a set of vague rules handed down through generations, but the only way to avoid the risk entirely is to completely separate drinking and driving.”


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