How to get a treatment or service

In the first 90 days after your accident

We can help pay for a range of treatments and services in the first 90 days after your accident. You do not need to contact us for approval first if:

  • you have a TAC claim number
  • your doctor or other health professional recommends it, and
  • it is for your accident injuries.

Some treatments and services will need TAC approval before you can access them.

Find out more about the treatments, services or supports we can help pay for

Follow these steps to get an approved treatment or service, when it is recommended by your doctor or a health professional:

  1. Choose your preferred provider. The TAC does not publish a list of providers or recommend certain providers over others.
  2. Call to make an appointment. Tell them you are a TAC client.
  3. Go to your appointment and give the provider your TAC claim number.
  4. Pay for treatment. In most cases, we will pay your provider at the TAC rate. If you pay for your approved treatment or service in full, we can reimburse you at the TAC rate. More information about how we pay for things is here.

When we need more information about your treatment

At times we may ask your providers for information or a treatment plan to help us to understand more about your injuries and the treatment and support you need. We use this information to make decisions about what we can help pay for and for how long.

If we don’t get the information we ask for, we may not be able to continue paying for your treatments and services. You can still access treatment and pay for it yourself. We will reimburse you at the TAC rate if:

  • we receive the information we asked for, and
  • we approve the treatment or services.

After the first 90 days of your accident

You will need TAC approval to help pay for treatments or services after the first 90 days of your accident.

If it has been more than 90 days since your accident and we haven’t already approved further treatments and services, please contact us on 1300 654 329.

We will need information from you and your providers to understand more about your current condition and ongoing treatment needs.

We will let you and your provider know once we make a decision about further treatment.

If you have long term injuries

If you have long term injuries, we will work with you and your support team to plan your goals and coordinate the ongoing treatment and services you need.

After a gap in treatment

If it’s been more than 6 months since you had any treatment paid for by the TAC, you need to call us first to talk about your needs.

We may ask for more information from your health professional before we decide to pay for more treatment.