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School resources

The TAC has a wide range of primary and secondary school curriculum resources aimed at helping teach the next generation of drivers about road safety, peer behaviour, decision-making and how choices can affect others. Links have been provided to help you to navigate from this page directly to resources that have been developed by the TAC.

Kids on the Move

Kids on the Move is the core traffic safety education resource for primary schools. It focuses on children at AusVELS Levels Prep to 2 when they are commencing school and establishing learning patterns, and at AusVELS Levels 3 to 6 when they transition to secondary school.

Kids on the Move provide a variety of activities for the classroom and for exploring the traffic environment to allow students to gain important practical experience. It promotes learning at home by engaging parents/carers in teaching their children to become safer road users.

This core resource was developed by the TAC together with other the road safety education partner agencies:

The partner agencies provide a range of quality enrichment programs and resources to support this core resource in schools.

Schools can obtain more detailed information from Road Safety Education Victoria.

Road Smart Teacher Resource Toolkit

The Road Smart Teacher Resource Toolkit is the core Victorian resource for road safety education in secondary schools aimed at Year 10 or equivalent. This Toolkit is aligned to the Victorian Curriculum F-10 and delivered across the Health and Physical Education, Science and Ethics learning areas and capabilities.

The Toolkit will support teachers to extend and reinforce key messages and learning from the Road Smart program through ten interactive lessons. The Toolkit focuses on:

  • the Safe System philosophy
  • types of road users and how they manage risks
  • rights and responsibilities of different road users
  • personal factors that influence road use, and
  • safer vehicles and their characteristics.

Download the lessons in either PDF or as a WORD document below:

Lesson 1
Crashes and survival 
How speed affects severity DOCX, 1.14MB
How speed affects severity PDF, 0.31MB

Lesson 2
Picking the safest car you can 
Saving lives through safety DOCX, 1.78MB
Saving lives through safety PDF, 0.82MB

Lesson 3
Vehicle safety features reducing risk 
Saving lives through safety DOCX, 1.54MB
Saving lives through safety PDF, 0.57MB

Lesson 4
Risky behaviours 
Managing influences on how we drive DOCX, 1.3MB
Managing influences on how we drive PDF, 0.44MB

Lesson 5
Confidence and over-confidence 

What’s the difference? DOCX, 1.13MB
What’s the difference? PDF, 0.37MB

Lesson 6
Removing stress from learning to drive 

Under pressure DOCX, 1.42MB
Under pressure PDF, 0.43MB

Lesson 7
On-road rights and responsibilities (part 1) 
Rights of way DOCX, 1.14MB
Rights of way PDF, 0.38MB

Lesson 8
On-road rights and responsibilities (part 2)
Rights of way DOCX, 1.14MB
Rights of way PDF, 0.38MB

Lesson 9
On-road rights and responsibilities (part 3)
Rights of way DOCX, 1.15MB
Rights of way PDF, 0.38MB

Lesson 10
On-road rights and responsibilities (part 4)
Rights of way DOCX, 1.15MB
Rights of way PDF, 0.38MB

    Film (short films and documentaries)

    Films are a powerful resource for schools to show the affect of road crashes on individuals, families and communities. They are accompanied here with engaging curriculum materials written for VCE Legal Studies and VCE English as well as AusVELS in English, History and Civics.

    For background information on teaching film as text, see here.

    Connecting the Dots

    Connecting the Dots has been adapted from an episode of ABC Television Australian Story. The original film has been re-edited by TAC to explore the tragic chain of events after a road crash and the death of one young passenger.

    The film has given rise to much debate over sentencing options available to the courts. Curriculum materials for both the VCE and AusVELS have been developed for this film. They can be downloaded here.

    Muck Up Day

    At the request of the participant in the Muck Up Day video, this will no longer be available as a resource. For content with a similar theme, see Connecting the Dots, above.

    MAFMAD Short films

    The MAFMAD (Make a Film Make a Difference) website allows students to view the winning films from the past 10 years of our annual short film competition. In this competition, young independent filmmakers are given the opportunity to work with experts in the field and make a film about road safety. See the MAFMAD website here.

    Curriculum materials for Year 10 (written for the AusVELS) have been developed for the MAFMAD films, covering each year in which the competition has been running.


    To mark 25 years of the Transport Accident Commission, an interview was conducted with former Premier of Victoria, the Hon. Mr John Cain. This interview can be viewed on the TAC's Youtube site. The curriculum materials for '25 years of the TAC' cover the AusVELS in the areas of History and Civics.

    Written Texts

    CARnAGE play

    CARnAGE was written by playwright Neil Coulson in response to road trauma and concerns over risk-taking behaviours of young people, with some of the storylines inspired by real life events. The Classroom sequences were inspired by responses such as online posts around youth and police safety campaigns.

    This resource is suitable for Year 10 as an enrichment activity/program to Traffic Safety Essentials.


    • Six, by Karen Tayleur. The story is based around a car and an after party from the individual perspective of six people and their own point of view.

    Student Writing and Art/Design Competition

    The TAC is running two separate competitions for students in Years 9 to 12 across Victoria.

    Other resources


    RAW is an innovative curriculum resource for use in Years 7 to 8 Health and Physical Education. RAW has been created to support both VELS Level 5 and Australian Curriculum learning outcomes.

    Throughout the unit, students will explore the concepts of being healthy, risk taking, peer group pressure and safety. Curriculum materials for AusVELS Level 7-8 Health and Physical Education have been developed to support the use of RAW in schools.

    You can see the RAW Youtube playlist here.

    F2D Year 11 Workshop

    The Fit to Drive (F2D) Workshop for Year 11 students has undergone a comprehensive redevelopment. This is to ensure that the evidence base for the program continues to meet best practice. F2D continues to use a half-day workshop format with peer facilitated small group activities and discussions, together with exploration of a case study conducted by MFB or CFA and a presentation from Victoria Police.

    F2D builds on the road safety education resource, Traffic Safety Essentials and Keys Please program for students at Year 10.

    For more information visit www.f2d.com.au.