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Interstate accidents

If you were involved in a transport accident that occurred outside the state of Victoria, you may be entitled to TAC benefits.  The TAC can pay benefits for:

  • a Victorian resident who is injured or dies in an interstate transport accident involving a Victorian registered vehicle, or
  • a non-Victorian resident who is injured or dies in an interstate accident and is an occupant of a Victorian registered vehicle.

If this applies to you, refer to the how to claim section of this website.

If this does not apply to you, the TAC can still be liable to indemnify the driver of a Victorian registered vehicle in respect of any liability for injury or death arising out of your interstate accident.  A non-Victorian resident injured in an interstate accident involving a Victorian registered vehicle may have a claim against the TAC, especially when this vehicle is at fault. Claims for these accidents are usually limited to common law damages only, in accordance with the law of the state where the accident occurred.  Claim forms can be obtained from the relevant authority listed below for the state in which the accident occurred and then must be sent to Interstate claims, TAC Insurance, PO Box 742, Geelong 3220:

If a Victorian registered vehicle was not involved in your accident, please contact the relevant authority listed above for assistance in making your claim.

For general enquiries about interstate accidents involving Victorian registered vehicles, please telephone the TAC on 1300 654 329 and ask for the Senior Legal Manager, Interstate claims.