For the record

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"For the record" allows the community to read about the views of the TAC on current issues.

For the record - TAC Response to “Establishing a 10-Year Strategy for Social and Affordable Housing” - 30 Apr 2021

Purpose The purpose of this paper is to provide a contribution from the TAC to the “Establishing a 10-year Strategy for Social and Affordable Housing” discussion paper released by Homes Victoria on 9th February 2021.The submission offers shared learnings and specific ideas in response to the questions posed by the

For the record - Staff driving infringements - 01 Dec 2020

TAC employees deal with road trauma every day and should understand better than most how behaviours like speeding lead to deaths and injuries.We demand high standards from the hundreds of employees using TAC fleet vehicles and take any staff infringements extremely seriously.In addition to paying any fines, any staff member

For the record - Enhanced enforcement funding reinstated - 07 Sep 2018

The TAC is reinstating the funding of Victoria Police’s enhanced enforcement operations, as we are confident that the issue of breath test falsification has been adequately addressed.The chief commissioner has provided assurances that additional controls will be in place to avoid this happening in the future, which we believe will

For the record - Royal Park Truck and Tram Crash - 23 May 2017

The TAC is working with the relevant emergency departments to ensure anyone injured in yesterday's collision are aware of the benefits and support available to them.Our priority is to help anyone hurt on our roads to get their lives back on track as soon as possible.The last thing they should

For the record - TAC Statement updated: Joel Selwood, Geelong Football Club - 02 Mar 2017

A meeting between the club and the TAC took place earlier this week.The club has advised they are determining appropriate action to address the disappointing actions of Joel Selwood.We work closely with the Cats to ensure that all of the players and officials understand the important role they play as