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For the record

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"For the record" allows the community to read about the views of the TAC on current issues.


For the record - TAC response to proposed speed limit increase on Princes Highway - 10 Feb 2017

When weighing up calls for a 10km/h speed limit increase between Geelong and Werribee, it's worth considering a simple question: Is saving a bit more than two minutes in travel time worth the rise in deaths and injuries the increase would bring?Given the proven links between higher speeds and increased

For the record - Take care on our roads this Christmas - letter to the editor - 07 Dec 2016

As the festive season kicks off and our social calendars begin to fill up, it’s timely to remind everyone to take extra care on the roads. Many of us will travel long distances in the coming weeks for Christmas get-togethers and we know the roads become increasingly busy during this

For the record - Make car safety a priority - Letter to the Editor - 07 Dec 2016

As young car buyers scour the state for their first set of wheels, it is timely to remind them to put safety at the top of their shopping lists.Many first car buyers and their parents would be surprised to find dozens of used car models with potentially life-saving features like

For the record - Staff driving infringements - 21 Nov 2016

TAC employees deal with road trauma every day and should understand better than most how behaviours like speeding lead to deaths and injuries.We demand high standards from the hundreds of employees using TAC fleet vehicles and take any staff infringements extremely seriously.In addition to paying any fines, any staff member

For the record - Statement to Victorian media outlets - 19 Aug 2016

No one deserves to die or be seriously hurt on our roads. Not me, not you, not your family member, friend or neighbour.In 1971, 1061 lives were lost on Victorian roads in one year. We now have four times as many cars on the road and about 250 people dying