A future where every journey is a safe one

Working for the TAC

A career at the TAC offers a challenging, satisfying and rewarding experience.

Our people have direct contact with those involved in the trauma of a road accident. This calls for sensitivity, discretion, judgment, cooperation and empathy.

For this reason, we look for people with a strong customer service ethic and a professional approach to their work. People who are committed to achieving their own career goals, as well as helping us achieve our vision to set world-class standards in road safety and personal injury insurance.

Life at the TAC

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Every day, every person
that works for the TAC,

when they come in,
the first thing they think of

is what they can do that day

to ensure their clients

are on their way
to a better life in rehabilitation

and either getting back
to work or health

as well as they possibly can and
getting their lives back on track.

The moral values that the TAC holds
are really important

to everyone that works here,

and that's what the TAC is to me.

We're a business that is here
to support injured Victorians

in getting their lives
back on track,

and that's what everyone tries to
do every day when they come in.

The TAC's really innovative,

and so there's a really good

for me to express my creativity.

So, for example, there might be
a problem or a process

that's hindering client outcomes,

and I'm able to work with a team

to involve them
in finding a solution.

And I guess always
constantly improving.

Moved out to Australia
three years ago

from Colorado,
in the United States.

I really stumbled upon the TAC.

So I found a business analyst
position here, applied for it,

started prepping for the interview.

Came down,
fell in love with the organisation

and really the rest is history.

I've been here
for the last three years.

I studied a Bachelor
of Health Science,

majoring in
musculoskeletal therapy.

I really liked the idea of being
able to work in a desk environment

and utilise the skills
I'd developed in my degree

to be able to continue
to help people

in improving their independence
and wellbeing.

I've had an opportunity to work

in really all aspects of business
analysis, so that's been great.

In the projects
that I've worked on here,

I've worked in just requirements

and then had an opportunity
to jump up into enterprise analysis

and build business cases
and sit in strategy meetings

and help define operating models

and all of that fun, creative stuff

that a lot of people
want to be involved in.

There's been a number
of internal programs

that I've been put through
in the two years

that I've been with the TAC.

This year I've been accepted
into Deakin University

to study a graduate certificate
of business administration,

which the TAC is helping me
with part-funding

and paid time off to study as well.

They've been extremely
supportive in helping me

try to further myself and in turn
further my career within the TAC.

MAN: We have a really good culture
here, so a good support network,

so everyone's quite
experienced in different areas

and coming from really diverse

so they're quite helpful and ready
to lend a hand when you need them.

So you don't feel afraid to ask
or anything like that.

It's quite a casual
and relaxed atmosphere

and I certainly don't dread
coming to work every day.

I really enjoy living in Geelong.

I live quite close to here,
actually -

I'm only a half an hour walk away,

so no need to commute
or anything like that.

WOMAN: I have a great
work-life balance.

I do a lot of sport
outside of work,

and the TAC really supports that.

I'm able to come into work
at an earlier time

so that I can leave earlier
on some occasions,

depending on what commitments
I have out of work.

MAN: I quite enjoy
things like surfing and live music.

I'm often able to kind of structure
my work around those things,

which is really nice as well.

WOMAN: Although
Geelong's a large town,

it's got a kind of
rural atmosphere,

so it's a good, really
strong sense of community,

not only at the TAC
but in the wider region of Geelong.

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