TAC Campaigns

In a united approach, Victoria Police, VicRoads and the TAC partner to tackle road safety by:

  • providing resources to target speeding and drink-driving
  • creating high profile, hard hitting mass media campaigns
  • focussing on drink-driving, speeding, fatigue and young drivers
  • providing public education programs to support police enforcement
  • conducting road safety research

The TAC takes a hard-hitting approach by addressing the key causes of road accidents - the attitudes and behaviours of road users. Since 1989 the TAC has focussed on a range of road safety issues including the inexperience of young drivers, fatigue, drug driving, motorcycle safety, distractions and vehicle safety along with the ongoing target of speeding and drink driving.

The key approach of the TAC is to:

  • place key safety issues in the public agenda
  • show people "this could happen to me" through emotive and realistic road crash scenarios and their consequences
  • show new enforcement technologies and
  • reinforce the reality of the increased risk of detection.