Treatment and support services

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The TAC can pay for the reasonable cost of medical treatment, rehabilitation services, disability services, travel and household support services that you may need as a result of your accident injuries.

How to claim treatment and support services

For specific information about how to claim a particular treatment or service, see the "What the TAC can pay for" section.

In general, to claim a treatment or support service, you need to give your TAC claim number to your service provider and ask them to bill the TAC directly.

If you are sent a bill, you should send it to the TAC.

If you pay for a service yourself and want the TAC to repay you, please keep your receipt and send it to the TAC for reimbursement.

Things to know:

  • You must have an accepted TAC claim
  • The TAC can only be billed directly if you have met the TAC's medical excess, or the excess is waived
  • The treatment or support service must be for your accident related injuries
  • Some treatments or services require approval from the TAC before you can start receiving them. If this is the case, you will find the information in the "What the TAC can pay for" section.

How long the TAC can pay

In principle the TAC can pay for treatment and support services for as long as they are helping you in your recovery.

The TAC may ask your provider to submit a treatment plan which tells us what you need and for how long. We may also get in touch with your doctor and ask how the treatment or support is helping you in your recovery.

How much the TAC can pay

In most cases there is a maximum amount the TAC can pay for a treatment or support service. If your provider charges more than this amount, you will need to pay the difference. This is known as "paying the gap".

The maximum amount the TAC can pay for a specific treatment or support service is available in the "Payment limits" tab for each item in the "What the TAC can pay for" section.

Starting treatment again after a break

If you are starting treatment again after a break of more than six months, you should contact the TAC first to make sure that the TAC can still pay for your treatment.

Before deciding whether we can pay for your treatment, the TAC may contact your provider in order to:

  • Make sure the treatment is related to your accident injury
  • Find out the reason for the break in your treatment
  • Get details about the proposed treatment plan.

Once the TAC has this information we will make a decision about whether we can pay for the treatment.

What you should expect from the care you receive

You have the right to be safe and to be treated with dignity and respect at all times.

The TAC takes the care, safety and wellbeing of our clients very seriously.

This section will help you decide if the care and support you receive is fair and appropriate.

You should expect:

  • To be physically safe
  • To have your basic needs for food, water and clothing met
  • To be given appropriate access to medical care, medications and medical aids
  • To spend your money how you want
  • To be given privacy when you need it
  • To be supported to keep in contact with the people who are important to you
  • To be spoken to in a respectful way
  • To be listened to
  • To have a say in what you do and where you go

Signs that you may not be receiving the care you deserve:

  • You are touched in ways you don't like and consider unnecessary
  • You are not provided with enough food or water
  • You don't feel you are receiving the medical support you need
  • You have been physically hurt or are afraid of being hurt
  • You feel intimidated
  • You don't get to make choices about what happens with your money
  • You don't get to leave the house
  • You don't get to contact the people who are important to you
  • You don't feel like you can speak up for yourself
  • You don't feel like you are treated with dignity and respect
  • You are not listened to and your wishes are not taken into account

Any of these behaviours are unacceptable and you are entitled to raise your concerns about the quality of your care.

Who you should speak to

You can speak to anyone in your treating team about the quality of your care. You should keep speaking to people until you feel the matter has been resolved.

Your care will not be affected if you raise your concerns. The TAC will continue to support you and ensure your needs are met.

There are also external agencies that can help:

EMERGENCY: 000 (Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigade)

Disability Services Commissioner
1800 677 342

National Disability Abuse and Neglect Hotline
1800 880 052

What the TAC can pay for

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