Telehealth fees

In response to COVID-19 the TAC introduced temporary funding of telehealth services to ensure clients can still access the treatments and services they need related to their transport accident.

The TAC has extended the funding of temporary telehealth services until further notice, giving clients the ongoing convenience and flexibility of accessing health services from home.

Telehealth services enable providers to use video conferencing to deliver health services to a client and/or communicate health information about that client. Where TAC clients don’t have access to videoconferencing, telephone consultations may be used.

TAC telehealth rates allow you to be paid at your equivalent TAC face-to-face rate when telehealth services are delivered to TAC clients.

Guidelines for the delivery of telehealth can be found below.

TAC telehealth rates are now available for the following professions. Please click a link below to see the item codes and rates for each health profession:

There will be no changes to the current approval processes for TAC services.

The TAC expects its providers to use telehealth when it is clinically appropriate to do so and relates to a client’s transport accident injuries. Telehealth services must be provided in line with the Provider guidelines for delivery of telehealth services, the TAC Clinical Framework, providers’ peak body associations and Federal/State policy.