Pedestrian statistics

Between 2004 and 2013, 465 pedestrians have been killed on Victorian roads, with one third aged 70 years or over. Most (72%) were killed in Metropolitan Melbourne, and most (65%) were male.

Pedestrians by age 2013 

In the past five years, 209 pedestrians have been killed. Common types of crashes resulting in pedestrian deaths between 2009 - 2013 involved the pedestrian:

  • crossing the road and being struck from the near side (32%)
  • crossing the road and being struck from the far side (19%) and
  • playing, working, laying or standing on carriageway (13%)

A total of 36 pedestrians were killed on Victorian roads in 2013, which represents 15% of all fatalities.

Of  the pedestrian deaths in 2013

  • 86% were in the Melbourne metropolitan area and
  • 67% were on roads signposted at 60km/h or lower
  • 58% of those killed on 60km/h or lower roads were aged 70+