Pedestrian statistics

In the last five years, 175 pedestrians have been killed - an average of 35 pedestrians killed each year on Victorian roads. Pedestrians make up around 15% of the total number of road deaths each year.

  • Just over one third (36%) are aged 70+
  • One in four (24%) are aged 80+
  • Two thirds (67%) are male
  • Almost four in ten (38%) are killed on 60km/h roads
  • 70% are killed in Metro Melbourne

The majority of pedestrian deaths in the last 5 years have occurred on roads over 60kmh. Nearly 50 deaths have occurred in 60 zones in Melbourne.

Common types of crashes resulting in Pedestrian deaths:

  • 33% - Crossing the road and being struck from the near side
  • 28% - Crossing the road and being struck from the far side

More male pedestrians die than female. Those in the 70+ age group are over represented with over 35 men aged 70+ killed.