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Since 1989, the Victorian road toll has more than halved. Despite this, close to 9,000 people have been killed on Victorian roads.

Lives Lost - Annual

The annual road deaths report contains data from the previous calendar year, including the official road toll. Comparison data by age, gender, location and road user is provided here.

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Lives Lost - Year to Date

This section contains information on the year to date road deaths and is updated daily.  It contains comparative information against the previous year's data by age, gender, road user and location.

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Lives Lost - Rolling 12 Month

The rolling road deaths report provides data on the road toll for the twelve months from today.  Comparison data includes by age, gender, road user and location.

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Searchable road trauma statistics

The online crash database will allow you to extract data about people killed and seriously injured on Victorian roads over the past five years.

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Statistics by Topic

TAC's statistical summaries provides information and statistics on all areas of road safety, including speed, alcohol, fatigue and seatbelts.  There are also case studies and information about our campaigns.

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Towards Zero Road Safety Quarterly Statistics

The road safety statistical summary is a comprehensive report on road toll figures for the year to date and as a rolling 12 month total.

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TAC hospitalisation reports

TAC hospitalisation reports contain data on people who have been hospitalised after a transport accident.  These reports are updated monthly.

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