Victorian road safety strategy

Safety is a shared responsibility

We, along with our road safety partners, are working to achieve the vision of no deaths or serious injuries on our roads. We are moving towards a future where every journey is a safe one.

It is not acceptable to see death or serious injuries as inevitable on our roads, and in line with the 2021-2030 Victorian Road Safety Strategy we are working to reduce road trauma.

To achieve this, the Victorian road safety partners (VicRoads, Victoria Police, the Department of Justice and the Transport Accident Commission) have adopted a Safe System philosophy to road safety. This method aims to minimise risks and considers the interaction between roads, vehicles, speed and road users.

The principles underpinning this approach are that:

  • People make mistakes
  • People have a limited tolerance to injuries
  • Safety is a shared responsibility

The safe systems model is key to seeing positive change on our roads, this model is based on having safe roads, safe vehicles, safe speeds and safe people.

For us to achieve the goal of zero deaths and serious injuries we must all work together - not only at a government level - the whole community must get behind it and we must all believe that zero is possible.

Our road safety education programs and campaigns, community partnerships and local government engagements are all part of bringing the community on the journey towards zero.

At the TAC we put in place Victoria's road safety strategy with our partners, Victoria Police, Department of Justice and VicRoads. We encourage the entire community to work together to prevent road trauma.