Victorian road safety eLearning Module

Our eLearning Welcome to Destination 2050: Victorian Road Safety module is designed to help people discover the ways each of us can help minimise risk and help to achieve our ultimate aim of eliminating deaths and very serious injuries on our roads by 2050.

In this course, we'll explore how roads, vehicles, speeds and people can work together to improve road safety in Victoria.

We know that humans are vulnerable and we all make mistakes, so to help us reach our goal of no lives lost we need to take a preventative approach where the transport system works together to protect us, even when we inevitably make mistakes on the road. We have the tools and solutions to realise our 2050 goal, and this module will outline how we can work together to protect all road users in Victoria.

We encourage organisations, community groups and individuals to undertake the module.

The eLearning module can be downloaded for deployment on your Learning Management System.

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Complete the Victorian Road Safety elearning module online

If you are interested in simply completing the module, or your business doesn't have an LMS, we have made it simple so you can simply undertake the course here on the TAC website.

Destination 2050: Victorian Road Safety module - English