Motorcycle Crash Data

In the last ten years, more than 430 motorcycle riders and pillion passengers have been killed and more than 9,500 riders and pillions have been seriously injured on Victorian roads, representing 15% of all road deaths and 17% of hospitalised claims over the last ten years.

Here you will find statistics for motorcyclist deaths in 2015 and claims involving hospital admissions for the year 2014/2015.

252 people were killed on Victoria's roads in 2015, of these, 30 were riders and passengers of motorcycles, representing 12% of the 2015 road toll. This is the equal lowest number of motorcycle fatalities since 1987.


Motorcycles represent almost 4% of the number of registered vehicles in Victoria, and account for around 1% of vehicle kilometres travelled. Around 9% of Victorian licence holders hold a motorcycle licence.

As at June 2015, more than 410 thousand Victorians held a current Victorian motorcycle licence or permit; this is an increase of around 4% from the previous year. Of these licence holders:

  • 88% are male,
  • 6% are aged 25 or less
  • 69% are aged over 40
  • 18% are aged over 60 (with 4% over 70)
  • Just over half (54%) of motorcycle licence holders are active riders[1]

Of the 30 motorcyclists killed in 2015:

  • 90% were male
  • 57% of motorcycle fatalities occurred in metro Victoria (29% of these crashes occurred on 50 and 60km/h roads)
  • 53% were involved in crashes between the hours of 10am and 6pm
  • 50% of all motorcycle deaths occurred on roads sign posted at 100km/h or more
  • 92% of Rural crashes occurred on 100km/h roads
  • 23% were involved in single vehicle crashes, 43% were involved in head on or overtaking crashes and 20% were involved in crashes with another vehicle at an intersection