Motorcycle crash type data

In 2018, 38 motorcyclists were killed. Of these fatalities, 47% were single vehicle crashes and, of those, 34% occurred on a road with a 100km/h+ speed limit.

  • Single vehicle fatal crashes were most likely to occur in regional Victoria or on 100km/h roads
  • Intersection crashes were most likely to occur in Metro Melbourne

Motorcycle crash types by speed zones and location, Victoria (Melbourne metro and rural):

Km/hour Unknown 50 60 70 80 100+Total
Adjacent Direction (intersection)   1 1  2
Head On
(not overtaking)
  1 1 237
   1  214
Opposing Direction 1  2 3
Same Direction1    23
Single Vehicle  3 2 7618
Misc. (Incl Pedestria      1

Crash types are divided into 7 categories:

Single vehicle diagram Single vehicle crashes are crashes (includes on path crashes) where only one vehicle is involved, and hits a tree, telephone pole or other object, where the motorcyclist loses control and runs off the road, or is thrown from the motorcycle and hits the road surface.
Diagram of vehicles from adjacent directions

Vehicles from adjacent directions includes crashes between vehicles at intersections where one or both vehicles are turning, and cross traffic where vehicles approach each other from an angle.

Diagram of head on crashes map

Head on crashes includes crashes where two vehicles strike from opposing directions.

Diagram of vehicles manoeuvring and overtaking

Manoeuvring/overtaking crashes include u-turns, parking crashes, and vehicles emerging from driveways or footpaths, and crashes where vehicles spin out of control, pull out and hit an oncoming vehicle, hit the front or rear end of the vehicle they're overtaking.

Diagram of vehicles from opposing directions

Vehicles from opposing directions crashes are similar to head-on crashes, except in this instance one or both vehicles are turning at an intersection.

Diagram of same direciton crashes

Same direction crashes include crashes where vehicles are changing lanes, rear end crashes, and side swipes.

The 7th crash type is miscellaneous which include crashes where a vehicle strikes a pedestrian, train or tram, or where an object or person falls from a vehicle.