Serious Incident Form

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A 'serious incident' is where suspicion, complaint, allegation or other evidence is received/obtained about:

  • the death of, or serious injury to a TAC client or WorkSafe injured worker
  • a health, safety, abuse or risk to a client/worker, or where there is a failure to meet basic client needs
  • a provider experiencing significant organisational disruption and executive mismanagement
  • the ongoing financial viability of the provider
  • conduct which is, or is potentially, fraudulent, illegal or is engaged in other criminal activity.

For a full listing of reportable incident types please refer to the Incident type drop down box listed below in the Serious incident report form or refer to the Provider Serious Incident Reporting Guidelines.

How to complete

You need to complete and submit this form within 24 hours of becoming aware of a serious incident
Provider Serious Incident Reporting Guidelines   

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You must notify the client’s family or guardian as soon as possible to explain the serious incident that has occurred and the action being taken to meet the immediate needs of the client.

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Personal and Health Information


The TAC will retain the information provided and may use or disclose it to make further inquiries or assist in the ongoing management of the claim or any claim for common law damages.  The TAC may also be required by law to disclose this information.  Without this information the TAC may be unable to determine entitlements or assess whether treatment is reasonable and may not be able to approve further benefits and treatment. If you require further information about our privacy policy, please contact the TAC

Victorian Workcover Authority

Personal and health information collected by the Victorian WorkCover Authority (VWA) and its Agents on this form is used for the purpose of processing, assessing and managing claims under Victorian workers' compensation legislation to assist with a worker's rehabilitation and return to work and to assist the VWA and its Agents to better manage claims generally.

For the purposes of processing, assessing and managing a claim, the VWA and the Agent of the injured worker's employer may use and/or disclose personal and health information collected in this form or about the worker to each other and to the following types of organisations:

  • employees, contractors and agents of the VWA and its Agents;
  • employers of the injured worker;
  • solicitors, medical practitioners and other health service providers, private investigators, loss adjusters and other service providers acting on behalf of the VWA or the Agent in relation to the claim;
  • the Accident Compensation Conciliation Service and Medical Panels;
  • a court or tribunal in the course of criminal proceedings or any proceedings under any of the Acts which the VWA administers;
  • any other person, organisation or government agency authorised by the individual the information is about, or by law, to obtain the information.

An individual may request access to personal and health information about them collected by the VWA or an Agent by contacting the Agent. Personal and health information collected by the VWA is managed in accordance with the legislation, applicable privacy laws, and the VWA Privacy Policy.

The VWA Privacy Policy is available at the nearest the VWA office or at