From Monday, 12 September 2022, TAC clients with complex recovery needs or serious injuries will work collaboratively with the TAC and their treating providers to develop a MyPlan. This planning tool supports the client, their providers and the TAC to work together more effectively to identify a client’s goals and the services and supports they need in place to reach them.

Through MyPlan, the TAC aims to improve client outcomes and better align service delivery with evolving community expectations for people with complex needs and serious injuries. This contemporary approach to claims management and person-centred planning will support clients to maximise their social and economic participation in valued life roles. With a focus on client choice, participation, wellbeing and restoration, we can improve client experience and life back on track outcomes.

Client-centred planning and MyPlan

The MyPlan model focuses on the client’s priorities, strengths and needs. A completed MyPlan is a record of:

  • the client’s health, vocational and participation goals
  • all TAC approved services and supports the client needs to achieve these goals
  • the work being done by the treating team, the client, their informal supports and the TAC to support the achievement of these goals

During the planning phase, a TAC client will outline what is most important to them and what they want to focus on. This will include any related participation goals and supports they need to help them achieve their goals. With MyPlan, TAC clients take ownership of their goals and know that their providers, the TAC and their natural and funded supports are with them every step of the way.

TAC clients will be encouraged to share the plan with their service providers and treating practitioners. The client's treating team plays a critical role in helping clients to develop and implement their MyPlan. As a service provider, you will be instrumental in supporting clients to achieve their goals. Each goal has a corresponding action plan, which details the role of the client, their treating team and the TAC.

How we approve MyPlan services

When working with clients to set up an initial and / or subsequent MyPlan, the TAC Claim Manager will discuss the client’s participation goals with you and how you can support the client to achieve them.

We will ask you to articulate the functional and measurable actions you will complete with the client to assist them to achieve their goals. We will record these in the MyPlan. The client will share their MyPlan with you or the TAC may do so on the client’s behalf, where needed. The MyPlan will act as the approval for your services listed within the MyPlan. There is no need to contact the TAC for approval of the listed services.

It is important to note that the TAC’s role is to ensure that service provision is directed towards maximising the client's life back on track outcomes and achievement of goals that are centred on meaningful social and economic participation. However, it may not always be the TAC’s responsibility, under the Transport Accident Act 1986, to fund some services.

MyPlan reviews

A client’s MyPlan will be reviewed at regular intervals and updated every 3 - 12 months, depending on the client, their needs and their goals. The TAC will request outcome measures to track the progress of client goals and ensure the support provided is assisting them to achieve greater independence.

We view client-centred planning as a continuum rather than an event and see all client interactions as opportunities for a planning discussion. We will still incorporate regular funding reviews with the team where appropriate. In instances where there are significant changes in the client’s circumstances and participation goals during the plan phase, we will redistribute the MyPlan to the client and treating team.

MyPlan - benefits for health professionals

  • The MyPlan is designed to be shared by the client with all members of their chosen treating team so everyone is working to achieve the client's individual participation goals
  • Treatment and support goals are aligned with the client's MyPlan
  • TAC approved treatment and services are recorded on the MyPlan
  • The MyPlan provides a framework for regular review and assessment of progress

MyPlan - other benefits

MyPlan will:

  • Be tailored to the needs of the client and act as a central reference point for the client, their family and other informal supports, treating team and the TAC
  • Clearly set out the client’s participation goals and the steps to achieving those goals
  • Explain the role of each member of the treating team and details how they contribute to achieving the client’s goal
  • Provide visibility of all work being undertaken by the treating team, the TAC, the client and others to support the achievement of the client’s goals
  • Allow for greater collaboration between the TAC, the treating team, the client and their family and friends.

Roles and responsibilities

Your role is to:

  • Explain how you will work with the client to assist them to achieve their participation goals by outlining your functional and measurable actions
  • Take part, when required, in the client’s planning meetings and reviews involving the client and the TAC
  • Submit initial baseline outcome measures within 10 working days of MyPlan approval
  • Maintain outcome measures during treatment and submit these at the end of each plan phase or when requested by the TAC
  • Provide approved services to support clients to maximise their independence, in line with their individual goals and your identified actions within the plan

Our role is to:

  • Develop and maintain a deep understanding of the client as a person first.
  • Support clients to drive the MyPlan planning process, while working collaboratively with their family and the treating team
  • Maintain regular contact with clients to build an understanding of who and what is most important to them, what their priorities and preferences are and where their strengths lie
  • Help clients to identify their strengths, needs and goals
  • Support clients to identify what’s needed to address barriers to independence and life back on track outcomes
  • Work closely with the treating team to ensure services are aligned to help a client achieve their goals
  • Provide approval for services required to address client needs and goals articulated in the client’s MyPlan

The client’s role is to:

  • Be a key member in the development of their MyPlan
  • Play an active role in working towards the goals they have identified
  • Talk to their family, friends and other informal supports about what they can do to help the client achieve their goals
  • Talk to their treating team about their goals and the services and supports that may help them achieve these goals
  • Participate in the review of their MyPlan to ensure it remains relevant to their life and changing goals
  • Notify the TAC if their needs or priorities change