Due to COVID-19, the Royal Melbourne Hospital service is temporarily suspended.  Scar photos submitted by clients, lawyers or medical practitioners are acceptable during this time.

Serious injury applications that involve scarring or disfigurement will require supporting photographs in most cases.  A TAC client may be asked to attend a photography session if:

  1. The TAC requests that a client’s scarring or disfigurement is photographed; OR
  2. A TAC client’s lawyer wishes to arrange photographs in support of a serious injury application, whether or not the application has been submitted

All photography sessions in support of serious injury applications are conducted by the Medical Illustration Unit of the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH), 300 Grattan Street, Parkville, Victoria.

Regardless of whether it is the TAC or a TAC client’s lawyer requiring a photography session, the booking is made by the TAC client or their lawyer by contacting the RMH on (03) 9342 7233.

A booking can only be made if the person being photographed has an accepted TAC claim.

The TAC client is required to take a signed consent form (attached below) and photographic identification to the appointment.

If a TAC client is unable to attend a scheduled booking or is running late, the RMH should be advised on (03) 9342 7233.

Resulting photographs will be sent to the TAC and the TAC client’s lawyer on a USB card via registered post.

A photographic session typically takes 15 minutes. No TAC staff will be in attendance.