Clinical reviews

Clinical reviews are routinely conducted by our Clinical Panel. During the review, a member of the Clinical Panel will contact you to discuss aspects of your patient's recovery, including:

  • the effectiveness of treatment or services
  • return to work capacity and issues surrounding certification
  • clarification of medical issues, injury or prognosis
  • new or ongoing treatment/services requests
  • surgical requests, medical intervention or pharmacotherapy
  • independent medical examination findings or recommendations

We will also notify your patient that this clinical review is underway.

Independent impairment assessments

Independent impairment assessments are conducted by specially trained medical practitioners to assist us in making a decision about a client's level of impairment. These assessments are required for a person injured in a transport accident who has made a claim for impairment benefits as a result of sustaining a permanent impairment.

Independent Impairment Assessors (IIAs) play a critical role in ensuring the TAC provides timely and equitable lump sum benefits to a person injured in a transport accident.

Independent medical examinations

Independent medical examinations are conducted by health professionals approved by the TAC. The findings of these examinations are outlined in a report that is used to make decisions about a TAC client’s claim.

Independent Medical Examiners (IMEs) play a critical role in ensuring the TAC provides the right treatment and benefits to injured Victorians.

Joint medical examinations

Joint medical examinations are examinations conducted by an IME on behalf of the TAC and the client's legal representative. The joint medical examination process is designed to minimise the number of examinations a client needs to undertake to make a decision on lump sum entitlements.