TAC Local Government Grant Program

The TAC Local Government Grant program encourages local government involvement in pedestrian and cyclist road safety projects that are aligned with the Towards Zero Strategy and Action Plan 2016-2020 and Safe System principles to deliver positive outcomes in the community.

The TAC and its road safety partners recognise the importance of Local Governments in road safety and supporting local road safety programs. Local Governments are a key contributor to the achievement of road safety targets across the State.

Local Governments, working closely with local communities, are well-placed to identify specific problems, especially for walking and cycling, and develop and implement integrated road safety infrastructure solutions.

This grant program provides funding opportunities for Local Governments throughout Victoria to support projects that have the potential to reduce, and where possible eliminate, the likelihood of death and serious injury for pedestrians and cyclists in their local area.

2020 program - applications now closed

The 2020 program- local road safety analysis and infrastructure projects that consider Safe System principles, and focus on reducing exposure, as well as the likelihood and severity, of fatal and serious injury crashes for pedestrians and cyclists.

Applications for 2021 open in July next year.

Who can apply?

To be eligible for funding the application must meet the following criteria:

  1. The applicant must be a Victorian Local Government; it is permissible for the Local Government to be in partnership with one or more external bodies in the conduct of the project. However, the Local Government must be the lead agency in the application.
  2. The application must be primarily focussed on road safety issues relating to cyclists and/or pedestrians
  3. The applicant must provide evidence of current public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

What funding is available?

This grant round offers two funding categories - Analysis Grants and Infrastructure Grants. Local Governments can only be awarded one analysis and one infrastructure grant and must only submit one project application per funding category.

  • Analysis - Grants of up to $30,000 (ex.GST)
    • These are available for the investigation of pedestrian and cyclist road safety issues and/or the development of speed management and infrastructure treatment concepts which consider the Safe System Principles in addressing these issues.
    • Analysis projects should include community engagement activities and form the support and design for potential road safety infrastructure treatments.
  • Infrastructure - Grants of up to $100,000(ex. GST) with conditional 1:1 contributions from the Local Government.
    • These are available for the implementation of low-cost road safety infrastructure solutions and/or the trialling of innovative new road safety infrastructure solutions that aim to reduce the likelihood and severity of fatal and serious injury crashes for pedestrians and cyclists.
    • Road safety infrastructure projects must:
      • Be supported by a community engagement activity plan and/or evidence of existing community support for the project.
      • Be aligned to sound research and/or established road safety design principles and safety treatments (i.e. Safe System Principles which, for this context, are summarised below).
      • Identify how the project will eliminate, or will come close to eliminating, the risk of severe crashes for pedestrians and cyclists in the local area. Local Governments should refer to:

How to apply

Applications are submitted and managed online through SmartyGrants, a grants management platform. Applications open in July of each year.

Details from 2020 program

Program guidelines: Find information about the program focus, application and assessment process, grant management and reporting requirements. See the guidelines here.

Application support:

  • Grants Webinar: This online webinar gives details about the program and intended road safety outcomes.The TAC has been supported by road safety consultants Safe System Solutions Pty Ltd who has given insights into how to effectively develop and demonstrate Safe System thinking into a design and subsequent grant application. See here for Q&As from the 2020 webinar.
  • Technical Project Support:  Based on feedback from the 2019 program, technical project support is being provided to help applicants. This support will be made available upon the request of the Local Governments and will be limited to 30 minutes of engagement per Local Government. If you wish to take up this opportunity please contact the Road Safety Programs team on lgagrants@tac.vic.gov.au.
  • Evaluation Support: This presentation focuses on the evaluation section of your project application - Evaluating Pedestrian Safety Infrastructure Projects: Are we making a difference? by Bruce Corben. PDF, 6.26MB

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Contact us 

For more information or to discuss a project idea and application email the TAC Road Safety Programs Team lgagrants@tac.vic.gov.au.