Prosecution Report - Nicholas I


1 charge of fraudulently obtaining benefits contrary to s116 of The Transport Accident Act 1986 and 1 charge of providing false and misleading evidence contrary to s117 of The Transport Accident Act 1986.

Plea: Guilty


The magistrate imposed a conviction, fined the accused $2,500, and ordered the accused to pay compensation to the TAC of $18,067 and professional costs of $500.


The accused had been in receipt of TAC Loss of Earnings benefits when the accused had returned to work without notifying the TAC, but continued to submit Certificates of Capacity indicating the accused had not nor did the accused have any capacity to return to work.

Payable to TAC

Restitution: $18,067Yes
Total Fines:$2,500No
Statutory Costs:$N/A
Professional Costs: $500N/A