TAC drug driving campaign hits close to home

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20 Apr 2017

Drug drivers have been put on notice in a new Transport Accident Commission (TAC) campaign to reduce drug-related deaths on Victorian roads.

Minister for Roads and Road Safety Luke Donnellan and Transport Accident Commission Chief Executive Officer Joe Calafiore today unveiled the new campaign, highlighting ramped up drug testing throughout the state.

The campaign tells drug drivers that they can expect more ‘drug tests, more places, more often’, with every highway patrol vehicle able to test for drugs.

A television advertisement hits close to home for drug drivers, depicting a clean cut young man enjoying Sunday lunch with his family before offering to drive his grandmother home.

During the trip home he is stopped for a random drug test and his grandmother looks on as the test reveals the presence of illegal drugs in his system from the night before.

Last year, 41 drivers killed on the roads had drugs in their system, compared with 26 drivers who died behind the wheel with a BAC over 0.05.

Drug driving now outstrips drink driving as a cause of fatalities on Victorian roads.

The new campaign aims to educate the community that illegal drugs can remain detectable long after the feeling of impairment has passed.

The Andrews Labor Government has invested $15 million in ten new state of the art drug and booze buses. Victoria Police have conducted more than 1 million breath tests in 2015-16, and more than 100,000 drug tests last financial year.

https://www.tac.vic.gov.au/__data/assets/video_file/0009/216729/drugs-ad-web.mp4 https://www.tac.vic.gov.au/__data/assets/image/0006/249936/TACC1836_Drug_Driving_2018_VIDEO_THUMB_01_320x180px_Round01.jpg https://www.tac.vic.gov.au/__data/assets/file/0019/216730/TACV641H2.SRT
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In this commercial, we open on a small family gathering as the family rush inside from outdoors to escape the rain. It’s a Sunday roast with a Mum, a Gran with her mid-to-late 20’s grandson and her thirty-year-old granddaughter, her husband and daughter. It’s a regular family. You can sense the respect they have for their old gran and tell that she cherishes their relationship.

Once inside, the family starts to enjoy the meal. The mother pours a couple of glasses of wine for the family, but Peter refuses.

We hear him say: Ah, no, I’m gonna drive Gran.

We quickly cut to the car and hear them having a natural conversation.

As he drives off down the street, we see two police cars ahead with a drug testing setup. An officer waves him into the testing area.

The ad jumps time and we now see the Police Officer returning to the car. We hear her say: Sir, you’ve tested positive to illicit drugs, can you step out of the car please?

Peter looks at his grandmother. The expression on her face is one of confusion and perhaps a little fear. She just doesn’t get what’s happening.

We hear a voice over say: Drugs can remain in your system long after the night’s over.

We see Peter get into the police car and cut back to his gran in the car.

We cut to black and the words: MORE DRUG TESTS, MORE PLACES, MORE OFTEN. appear on screen, along with the TAC, Toward Zero and Vic Government logos.

Quotes are attributable to Minister for Roads and Road Safety Luke Donnellan

“Drug driving is a major killer on Victorian roads and those who think it’s a risk worth taking need to understand they will be caught.”

“Any highway patrol vehicle in Victoria can test for drugs at any time and where people least expect it.”

Quotes are attributable to TAC Chief Executive Officer Joe Calafiore

“There are far too many Victorian families mourning loved ones because of drug driving and if that isn’t enough to deter people, we hope the thought of getting caught is.”

“Victorians who take the risk of driving after taking drugs have never been more likely to be tested and taken off the roads.”


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