Our vision, mission and values

Our vision

Zero deaths and serious injuries on our roads.

Our new vision is crystal clear — people’s life and health should never be the price we pay for using our roads.

That’s why we’re taking a bold new approach to road safety — one that will see an unprecedented investment in building a safer roads system. An approach that will change the way Victorians think about road safety.

Our mission

To be the world’s leading social insurer.

Social insurers are responsible for prevention, compensation and rehabilitation, and we are striving to be the best in the world.

We identify as a social insurer because our outcomes are about people. We want to ensure people are not hurt on our roads and help those who
are to get their lives back on track and live a life of dignity. Our clients deserve the best, so we aim to be nothing less.

Our values

These values guide our behaviour, our thinking and ultimately the treatment we provide injured Victorians.

We value life.

We deliver world-class road safety initiatives to save lives. We value quality of life for our clients, and treat them with care and respect to get their lives back on track. We value the well-being of our people.

We make every conversation count.

We understand that trust is built and reinforced, one conversation at a time. We ensure every conversation with colleagues, clients, partners and our community is authentic, is heard, and is acted on.

We will find a better way, today.

We are bold and brave in seeking better ways to care for our clients and prevent road trauma. Our people are empowered to achieve success for our clients through innovation and creativity.

We make the complicated simple.

We remove the barriers that get in the way of achieving the very best outcome for clients and in doing so, simplify processes and interactions - and not just for clients but our partners and the broader community too.