Planning with the TAC

This information aims to help you understand the planning process with the TAC.

What is planning?

Planning is a process you will do regularly with the TAC.

In planning, you work with a TAC Claims Manager and other people you choose, to share information about your situation, goals and support needs.

This process helps us have a better understanding of who you are. It will help us know what is important to you and your family, and what support you need to help you reach your goals.

When will planning start?

If you are a new client, your TAC Claims Manager will arrange time to get to know you. They will ask questions to get to know you and your family, and discuss your plans.

In the early stages of your claim, your Claims Manager will help you develop your MyPlan.

This plan will outline the things you want to focus on, and ensure the right supports are in place for you.

If you are an existing TAC client, your TAC Claims Manager will work with you to arrange a time to begin your MyPlan.

Planning is flexible. This means you will keep working with your Claims Manager to update MyPlan as your situation, goals and needs change.

What is MyPlan?

MyPlan is a document that lists the things you want to do (your goals), and the support you need to reach these goals.

Because it lists what’s important to you, MyPlan helps your support people work together with you, to help you reach your goals.

How does planning happen and who do I include?

A planning discussion usually includes you and your TAC Claims Manager. Your Claims Manager will discuss the best time to do this with you.

While the plan is all about you and your goals, you may choose to include others in your planning discussions to support you.

This might be a family member, trusted friend and/or members of your support team such as a carer or provider.

Together, we will discuss what is most important to you and help you decide what you want to include in MyPlan.

What does my TAC Claims Manager do?

Your Claims Manager is your key contact person at the TAC who will help you with the planning process.

They will talk with you regularly to understand your situation and needs.

They will also help you develop MyPlan and support you to put your plan into action.