Putting MyPlan into action

This information aims to help you understand how to use MyPlan and approved services.

Your TAC Claims Manager will review these with you to ensure you know:

  • what is included
  • how to use these documents, and
  • how you can start working on the things included in them.


This outlines the things you want to do, and what you and others will do to help you get there.

My approved services

This shows you the types of services and items the TAC will pay for to help you meet your needs and reach your goals.

You can use your approved services as a record of your current services approved by the TAC.

It may not include all of your TAC approved services. Some one-off and ongoing services and items may be automatically paid for you, or approved via a separate letter. These may include things like surgery and medical procedures, dental approvals and pharmacy items.

How to put it in action

Once you have received your MyPlan and approved services you can:

  • share these with family, friends and providers
  • start working on the things listed in your plan
  • follow up to get support from others (such as family and friends) that they have agreed to provide
  • find and select your providers
  • contact your Claims Manager if you have any questions, or want to talk about how you are going.

Reviewing your plan and services.

These documents include the date of when you will next review your MyPlan and services.

If your circumstances change and this affects the things in MyPlan or the services you need, you should discuss this with your Claims Manager.

You can do this at your next planned catch up time, or before this time if the changes are urgent.

When your plan or funded services change, the TAC will confirm this with you and if requested will send you an updated copy of your MyPlan and approved services.

This means you always have a current record that you can share with family, friends and providers.