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Information for service providers

Service Providers play an integral role in supporting the recovery of a person injured in a transport accident.

Please choose the category that best relates to your profession for associated fees, guidelines, clinical resources, research and forms and brochures relevant to you.

Provider News

    Research sheds new light on accident recovery - 17 Dec 2018

    A new study has shown how pre-accident health can impact a person’s recovery from a transport accident. By linking pre- and post-accident data, researchers at the Monash University Accident Research Centre have revealed fascinating insights into the factors that contribute to a person’s recovery.

    Identifying client needs and tailoring a coordinated response - 14 Dec 2018

    The TAC is changing the way we work with our clients who have complex needs such as pre-existing health conditions, persistent pain and mental health challenges. This multi-disciplinary approach encompasses a holistic view of their recovery.

    Information gaps pose deadly risk - 14 Dec 2018

    Communication failures led to the death or risk of death of almost half of people with disability living in residential care, according to a new study. The alarming figure was published last month by researchers at Macquarie University and the University of Technology Sydney.

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Allied Health

Are you an allied health provider? Find out information on how we can support your treatment of a person injured in a transport accident.

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Do you provide surgery, pharmacy or other medical services? Find out information on how we can support your treatment of a person injured in a transport accident.

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Disability service providers

Disability services may be required to support our severely injured clients. Find out how to work with us, support our clients and manage reporting and requirements.

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For legal professionals

Here you’ll find information on TAC legislation and regulations, dispute protocols, joint medical examinations, impairment requirements and invoicing guidelines.

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Non-medical providers

This page has been designed to provide useful information for hospital staff managing the treatment of a person injured in a transport related accident.

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