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Information for service providers

Service Providers play an integral role in supporting the recovery of a person injured in a transport accident.

Please choose the category that best relates to your profession for associated fees, guidelines, clinical resources, research and forms and brochures relevant to you.

Provider News

    Rapid housing gets young people out of aged care - 17 May 2019

    Many people who acquire a disability can’t return home until it's modified, or must find a new home. For too many people, this means waiting in hospital, rehab or aged care. A Rapid Interim Housing prototype has been designed to offer an alternative. This prefabricated, relocatable, fully accessible unit can be installed behind a family home or on other land in the community.

    Virtual reality putting crash survivors back behind the wheel - 17 May 2019

    From immersive games to high-tech training, the variety of virtual reality (VR) applications is exploding. Can VR also help those who experience the psychological trauma of a motor vehicle accident? One form of therapy is using VR to help them overcome fears and start driving confidently again.

    TAC clients receive modified vehicles in record time - 16 May 2019

    When a TAC client has serious injuries that require a modified car, we help obtain one. It once took months to deliver a vehicle. Now it takes just a few weeks.

More provider news

Allied Health

Are you an allied health provider? Find out information on how we can support your treatment of a person injured in a transport accident.

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Do you provide surgery, pharmacy or other medical services? Find out information on how we can support your treatment of a person injured in a transport accident.

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Disability service providers

Disability services may be required to support our severely injured clients. Find out how to work with us, support our clients and manage reporting and requirements.

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For legal professionals

Here you’ll find information on TAC legislation and regulations, dispute protocols, joint medical examinations, impairment requirements and invoicing guidelines.

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Non-medical providers

This page has been designed to provide useful information for hospital staff managing the treatment of a person injured in a transport related accident.

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