Domestic and gardening services guidelines

These guidelines should be read in conjunction with the information at Working with the TAC.

Who can provide domestic and gardening services?

You can provide domestic and gardening services if you operate a cleaning or gardening business that has an ABN registered with the Australian Government. If you don’t have an ABN, please contact us to see if you can register to provide services.

What we can pay for

We can help pay the reasonable costs of domestic and gardening services, with approval, after a transport accident injury. We can help pay for:

  • regular and routine essential housework, such as cleaning, dusting, mopping and vacuuming
  • essential gardening, such as mowing, weeding, raking leaves and clipping hedges

For seasonal and occasional tasks (e.g. gutter clearing, window cleaning, pruning), please submit a quote to us for approval.

Services can be paid for when:

  • our client performed the domestic and gardening tasks before their transport accident, and
  • our client is no longer able to perform these tasks due to their transport accident injuries, or
  • our client (or their partner) has died as a result of their transport accident injuries

How much we can pay

We can help pay for services in line with our fee schedules:

Other things to note

As employers, you – not us – are directly responsible for the safety of your workers in our client’s home. Our clients are responsible for advising you of any potential hazards in the home and taking reasonable steps to manage any risks within their control.

What we cannot pay for

We cannot pay for:

  • the cost of services that our client didn’t perform before the accident
  • tasks that our client received a salary or wage for before the accident
  • home services for a client absent from their primary residence for reasons other than a hospital admission due to their transport accident injuries
  • services performed by you if you have not been authorised by us
  • fees for services such as waste removal or tip fees
  • fees for cleaning products, materials or equipment required to perform domestic services
  • fees for heating materials such as wood
  • services requiring a permit which our client did not hold before the transport accident, such as a permit for collecting wood on state land
  • domestic services for a client living in a residential facility

Also see general items we cannot pay for.

For more information

Access our policies for health and support services.