The facts - distractions and driving

  • Drivers are 10 times more at risk of crashing if they are texting, browsing or emailing on their mobile phone
  • 1/3 of drivers admit to using their phone illegally while driving
  • 1/3 of pedestrians admit to looking at their phone while crossing the road1
  • Distractions include more than just mobile phones, GPS devices, passengers or eating can also stop you from focusing on the road
  • Taking your eyes off the road for two seconds or more doubles your crash risk. At 50kmh you will travel 28m in 2 seconds, that’s about the length of a cricket pitch
  • The penalty for using your mobile device while driving is a $577 fine and 4 demerit points.

Why distractions are dangerous

Driving distracted can:

  • Reduce your reaction time.
  • Make it hard to maintain a consistent speed leading to slowing down or speeding up at inappropriate times.
  • Lead to you drifting from your lane or onto the shoulder of the road.
  • Mean you miss traffic light changes, either sitting at lights once they are green or driving through as they change to red.
  • Cause you to miss seeing pedestrians, people on bicycles or those on motorcycles.
  • Result in you not seeing traffic slowing in front of you which increases the risk of nose to tail crashes.