Information you must provide

What the TAC needs to assess your income benefits

Sole trader, company, partnership or trust

We need information about your income to work out your entitlement to income support quickly and accurately.

If you are not working because of your accident, please send the TAC:

  • Personal income tax returns for the three years before your accident
  • Your business income tax returns (if you operate as a company, partnership or trust)

Please note: We may also request more information from you to help us work out your entitlement to loss of earnings benefits.

Substitute labour costs

If you are hiring someone to do the work you would normally do yourself (known as ‘substitute labour’), please send us:

  • The name and contact details of the person you employed to do your work
  • Information about the days and hours the person worked
  • Written or verbal confirmation that the duties performed by the new person are duties you normally do yourself
  • Payslips or invoices which show gross pay and hours worked for the new person
  • Evidence of payment, such as copies of cheque butts, bank statements or bank transfers
  • If the person you have hired has worked for you before your transport accident, please provide a record of all wages/payments that were made to them for the 12 months before your accident.

Please note: To keep claiming substitute labour costs, you will need to send in ongoing details of your substitute labour costs and your certificates of capacity.

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