TAC Road Safety Grant Program

Road safety is everyone's responsibility. Those within the community may be best placed to identify specific problems and implement solutions relevant to their unique communities.

The TAC Road Safety Grant Program, formerly named the TAC Community Road Safety Grant Program, is designed to support community groups and organisations to develop and implement effective community-based road safety projects.

The recently revised program incorporates improvements that aim to support a broader range of community road safety projects and streamline the grant process for applicants.

Briefing session

A briefing session on the TAC Road Safety Grant Program was held on May 17. For more information please contact the Road Safety Team.

When are the grants available?

Applications for the 2023 round of the TAC Road Safety Grant Program have now closed.

What funding is available?

There are two categories of grants within the program.

  • Support Grants of up to $50,000 (ex. GST)
    • These grants are available to support the planning and/or delivery of community road safety projects.
  • Collaboration Grants of up to $150,000 (ex. GST)
    • These grants are available to support the planning and delivery of larger community road safety projects.
    • Applicants to this category will need to demonstrate how they intend to work in collaboration with the TAC to deliver their road safety project. This category involves an Expression of Interest (EOI) process. Please see the 'How to apply' section for more information on the EOI process.

Who can apply?

To be eligible for funding, applicants must be financially viable and one of the following organisation types:

  • Incorporated association
  • Not-for-profit
  • Charity
  • Community trust or
  • Social enterprise

In addition, the proposed project cannot have been previously funded by the TAC, and planned project activities must be undertaken in Victoria.

Who is not eligible to apply

The following groups are not eligible to apply for funding through this grant program:

  • Individuals
  • Organisations that are primarily for-profit, including businesses
  • State government departments/organisations
  • Local Government Authorities (LGAs)
  • Schools.
    • Schools can apply for a Road Safety Small Grant.

Organisations with an existing contract with the TAC outside of the grant programs need to speak with the TAC Road Safety Team before starting an application.

How to apply?

Applications for the 2023 round of the TAC Road Safety Grant Program have now closed.

Road Safety Grant Program Small Grants

The Small Grants are designed to support community-led initiatives that respond to a current road safety issue or need. To be successful, applications must align with the Victorian Road Safety Strategy 2012-2030 and support improved road safety outcomes.

For more information on the TAC Road Safety Grant Program Small Grants see the funding guidelines here.

Please note these funding guidelines were updated on 17 August 2023 and are applicable for the remainder of the 2023/24 program.

Start an application for a Small Grant here.

Previously funded projects

See examples of previously funded projects from the former TAC Community Road Safety Grant Program.

Please note this program was revised in 2023 and not all projects previously funded would be eligible through the current TAC Road Safety Grant Program.

Contact us

For further information or support, please contact the TAC Road Safety Team via email at rsgrants@tac.vic.gov.au.

Previous project examples

St Kilda Mums - Travel Safe project

As part of the TAC's Community Road Safety Grants 2021 program, St Kilda Mums, a not-for-profit organisation, has received funding for its Travel Safe Project. The grant will help provide safe car restraints for vulnerable families, so they can travel safely with their most precious cargo, reducing their risk of death or serious injury in a crash.