Quality and safeguards

The TAC is committed to the universal human rights and protections that apply to all TAC clients. We support our clients to exercise these rights. We work to influence attitudes, values and behaviours. We want to protect people’s health and wellbeing and uphold their civil and human rights.

These rights and protections have driven our commitment to quality and safeguarding. We collaborate with our clients, providers and employees so that:

  • Our clients are empowered to express preferences, make choices and speak up if they feel unsafe or at risk
  • Our clients have appropriate referral options for reporting concerns
  • We build client, provider and employee capability. Building capability helps people prevent, identify and respond to abuse and neglect
  • We expect that providers have quality systems and processes in place. These systems and processes help keep TAC clients safe from abuse and neglect. They enable an appropriate response if an incident occurs
  • The TAC’s strong commitment to zero tolerance of abuse and neglect of our clients is clear and supported by the wider community

We uphold the rights and citizenship of our clients in line with:

Disability Worker Regulation Scheme

The Disability Worker Regulation Scheme launched on 1 July 2020. The Scheme includes the introduction of:

These new regulations for all disability workers are designed to build a stronger, safer, disability sector. The regulations include clear, consistent standards for all workers providing disability services and stronger protections for people with disability.

You can make a complaint to the Victorian Disability Worker Commission if you are concerned about a disability worker’s conduct.

The Scheme’s definition of a disability worker is available here.

For more information about the Scheme, please visit the Victorian Disability Worker Commission website.

The TAC supports the standards of the Disability Worker Regulation Scheme. We also have our own processes for complaints and the reporting of abuse or neglect by a TAC funded service.