Current research projects

Supporting health, disability and compensation research

Below are short descriptions of all current projects supported by the TAC's Health, Disability and Compensation Research Program.

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D187 MERRC Longitudinal Head Injury Study

Collects and provides data on the long-term outcomes and experiences of people with brain injury. Includes clients from accidents occurring in 1984 onwards with mild to severe brain injury who were admitted to inpatient rehabilitation at Epworth Healthcare. Outcome measures are collected at 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20 and 30 years post-accident. There are around 150 new cases each year on the MERRC database.

Expected completion date: 31/12/2021

HV05 Victorian State Trauma Registry (VSTR)

A clinical quality registry providing a comprehensive database of all major trauma cases, including injuries, treatment, complications and outcomes for all major trauma admissions to any Victorian hospital. There are around 3,600 cases annually and outcomes are collected at 6 months, 1 year and 2 years post-accident.

Expected completion date: 31/12/2021

NV01 Victorian Orthopaedic Trauma Outcomes Registry (VOTOR)

A clinical quality registry providing a comprehensive database of orthopaedic injuries, treatment, complications and outcomes based on admissions to The Alfred, Royal Melbourne Hospital, University Hospital Geelong and The Northern Hospital. There are around 7,000 cases annually and outcomes are collected at 6 months, 1 year and 2 years post-accident.

Expected completion date: 31/12/2021

H024 Australasian Rehabilitation Outcomes Centre (AROC)

A national benchmarking system whose aim is to improve clinical rehabilitation outcomes in both the public and private sectors. Information generated by AROC is used by clinicians, hospital managers, payers and regulators to measure trends in clinical practice, and to improve outcomes in rehabilitation for patients.

Expected completion date: 30/06/2021

H029 IMPACT (Previously the SPRITE study)

A randomised controlled trial to evaluate an early remote intervention for psychological problems (anxiety, depression or trauma related disorder) that develop after injury.

Expected completion date: 15/09/2022

H031 ePPOC

Supporting the measurement of client outcomes for Network Pain Management Programs (NPMP). Facilitates benchmarking of NPMP providers in comparison to each other, at a scheme level and at an Australasian level (63 public and private pain management services across Australia and New Zealand).

Expected completion date: 30/06/2021

M201 Ambulance Victoria Heads Up Display (HUD) decision support

Investigates the effectiveness of HUD technology for enhancing paramedic decision-making processes at the accident scene, and streamlining handover at hospital arrival.

Expected completion date: 30/06/2020 (currently paused)

M202 Trauma System – Statewide Capability Program

Implementation and evaluation of a simulated multi-specialty trauma team training course in one adult major Trauma Centre and 5 regional trauma centres in Victoria.

Expected completion date: 31/07/2021

T002 Early vocational intervention

A randomised controlled trial at two Victorian rehabilitation settings to identify if providing early vocational interventions to people with traumatic injuries in the inpatient rehabilitation setting is an effective way to improve their work readiness and return to employment.

31/12/2021 (under review)

T012 Trial of smart home technology following TBI

Investigating the effectiveness of smart home and mobile technologies with people living in the community who have cognitive impairment following brain injury.

Expected completion date: 15/06/2021 (under review)

T017 Trauma Outcomes

Evaluation of a new multidisciplinary contemporary acute allied health service model in the Alfred Trauma ward.

Expected completion date: 18/12/2020

T021 Mainstream Employment Pathways Innovation Project (ABI)

Co-designing and testing a new employment approach with people with ABI. This new approach will respond to the needs of both employees with ABI and their employers.

Expected completion date: 31/12/2020

T022 Evaluation of Glenroy 2

RIPL Glenroy2 is the sixth RIPL project to be delivered, and differs from previous builds by adopting a “hub and spoke” outreach model. The TAC has commissioned a comprehensive, holistic evaluation.

Expected completion date: 01/12/2021

T023 Alfred Infrastructure Proposal

Expansion of the Trauma service to provide an integrated, purpose-built trauma ward and enable delivery of a new contemporary acute rehabilitation model of care to trauma clients.

Expected completion date: 28/02/2021

T027 Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Follow Up Study 2019

Understanding neurological and cognitive recovery in the 12 months after mild traumatic brain injury.

Expected completion date: 31/07/2021

T031 Evaluation of the new model of bladder management care at the VSCS

Evaluation of the new model based on published best clinical practice at VSCS. The impact on staff, patients and readmission rates for UTIs will be assessed. Insights will inform future planning and clinical practice change, including what does and does not work.

Expected completion date: 31/12/2020

T032 Multi-component Community Connection program (M-COMCONNECT)

Evaluation of the M-ComConnect program which aims to maximise social connection and build relationships among people with brain injury living in the community.

Expected completion date: 30/06/2021

T037 Contemporary disability practice horizon scan

Identify emerging and innovative advances in contemporary disability practice across the national and international disability sector to support the TAC being a world leading social insurer.

Expected completion date: 30/06/2022

T040 Functional electrical stimulation to improve peripheral nerve health

Previous research demonstrated that nerve transplants to restore some degree of functional arm movement to quadriplegics was compromised by nerve deterioration. This project will investigate a method to try to “preserve” nerve quality and function. Project is also funded by the overseas charity Wings for Life.

Expected completion date: 31/08/2026