Current research projects

Supporting health, disability and compensation research

Below are short descriptions of all current projects supported by the TAC's Health, Disability and Compensation Research Program. For more information about these projects contact the Research and Evaluation team  on

Health Research

T002 Early vocational intervention

  • A randomised controlled trial at two Victorian rehabilitation settings to identify if providing early vocational interventions to people with traumatic injuries in the inpatient rehabilitation setting is an effective way to improve their work readiness and return to employment.
  • Expected year of completion: 2022

H029 Intervention to Manage PTSD and Comorbidity after Trauma Trial (IMPACT)

  • The IMPACT trial is a randomised controlled trial to evaluate an early remote intervention for psychological problems (anxiety, depression or trauma related disorder) that develop after injury.
  • Expected year of completion: 2022

T042 Physiotherapy guidelines for spinal cord injury

  • The aim of this project is to develop clinical practice guidelines for the physiotherapy management of people with spinal cord injuries. This set of guidelines will consist of clear and succinct summaries that will be easy for consumers and clinicians to understand.
  • Expected year of completion: 2022

T027 Mild Traumatic Brain Injury follow up study 2019

  • This study aims to understand neurological and cognitive recovery in the 12 months after mild traumatic brain injury.
  • Expected year of completion: 2023

T045 Effectiveness of virtual healthcare for non-hospitalised clients

  • This study aims to understand experience, effectiveness, impact and sustainability of telehealth delivered services for non-hospitalised TAC clients.
  • Expected year of completion: 2023

HV05 Victorian State Trauma Registry (VSTR)

  • A database of all major trauma cases, including injuries, treatment, complications and outcomes for all major trauma admissions to any Victorian hospital since 2001. There are around 3,600 cases annually and outcomes are collected at 6, 12 and 24 months post-accident.
  • Expected year of completion: 2023

T040 Functional electrical stimulation to improve peripheral nerve health

  • Previous research demonstrated that nerve transplants to restore some degree of functional arm movement to quadriplegics was compromised by nerve deterioration. This project will investigate a method to try to “preserve” nerve quality and function.
  • Expected year of completion: 2026

Disability Research

T043 Leading your best life: Optimising the wellbeing of young men living with Spinal Cord Injury

  • This study aims to identify how to best engage with males under 35 years and understand how this cohort adapt to changed circumstances. The project will develop, implement and evaluate an intervention to build capacity of males under 35 years to self-manage their own health and wellbeing.
  • Expected year of completion: 2023

T012 Trial of smart home technology following Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

  • This study aims to address the current evidence and knowledge gaps for people with TBI who experience cognitive difficulties (e.g. with memory, planning, organisation), their formal and informal support networks (e.g. health professionals and families), technology developers, designers and funders of disability services (e.g. TAC and iCare) regarding the mainstream, assistive and emerging smart home, wearable and mobile technologies that may assist with cognitive support in community settings after TBI.
  • Expected year of completion: 2023

T055 Connectivity – Improving lives after TBI

  • Connectivity Traumatic Brain Injury Australia, is an Australian wide not-for-profit organisation working to raise awareness of TAC. TAC investment will contribute to funding research, creating a central information hub, facilitate co-design and disseminate best practice guidelines and treatment pathways for patients with TBI.
  • Expected year of completion: 2024

Compensation Research

T062 Contemporary practice horizon scanning program

  • The key aim of this project is to understand new and emerging innovations in the delivery of contemporary practice across the health, disability and insurance sectors that can be applied to the TAC context.
  • Expected year of completion: 2023

H031 electronic Persistent Pain Outcomes Collaboration 2021-2024

  • The electronic Persistent Pain Outcomes Collaboration (ePPOC) is a program which aims to improve the quality of outcomes and services for people experiencing chronic pain. The study measures client outcomes for Network Pain Management Programs (NPMP) and facilitates benchmarking of NPMP providers in comparison to each other, at a scheme level and at an Australasian level. There are 63 public and private pain management services across Australia and New Zealand.
  • Expected year of completion: 2024