On-call services (webpage)

The on-call service is an alternative to 1 : 1 attendant care for clients who require occasional or ‘just-in-case’ assistance during the day or at night. The service works with a monitoring service and an attendant care call-out service.

Three on-call service options are available:

  • Day on-call: 7am to 11pm
  • Night on-call: 11pm to 7am
  • Day and night on-call: 24 hours per day.

Monitoring service

The monitoring service provides 24-hour monitoring using an alarm system.

When the alarm is activated the service will contact you to establish which of the following calls will be made to:

  • Your nominated contact person. For example, neighbour or family member, or
  • An attendant carer, or
  • Emergency services, such as ambulance, police or fire.

On-call attendant care service

The on-call attendant care service will provide face-to-face attendant care support within 30 minutes of the alarm being activated. This service is only available during your approved on-call hours. This service is called a “call–out”.

Who can provide monitoring services for the overnight on-call monitoring service?

MePACS and Safety Link.

Who can provide attendant care services for the overnight on-call monitoring service?

On-call attendant care must be provided by an agency that is contracted by the TAC to provide on-call attendant care services. TAC Claims staff can provide a current list of providers.

Please call us on 1300 654 329 for more information about the On-call service.