Vocational service providers

The TAC's vocational services panel members are experts in helping people get back to work and will focus on getting the best outcomes for you. You can choose any provider from the list below. More information is available at each provider's website.

Advanced Personal Management (APM) WorkCare

Helping injured Victorians return to safe and secure employment.

APM WorkCare has delivered vocational rehabilitation services to the TAC for more than 12 years and has been a top three provider since 2018.

Website: apm.net.au/workcare
Phone: 1300 967 522

APM WorkCare brochure
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APM Bridge to employment leaflet
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Back2Work Solutions

Back2Work Solutions is a leading provider of injury management, holistic recovery and return to work services across Australia. We offer tailored return to work solutions to our customers utilising a dedicated person-centred approach to rehabilitation.

Our vision is to support people to maximise their recovery and quality of life through work participation. Back2Work Solutions consultants have a tertiary health qualification and background in Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology, enabling them to maximise both health and employment outcomes for the client and the employer. We work with organisations of all sizes to simplify complex workplace health problems.

Back2Work Solutions is a national organisation with metropolitan and regional locations in all states and territories.

Why choose Back2Work Solutions?

Because we’re all about YOU!

√ Individualised, person-centred solutions

√ Evidence-based, innovative approach

√ High quality, on time, and consistent delivery of services

√ Backed by a leading Australian allied health organisation.

We are proud of our results and the expertise our team use to deliver fast and effective solutions for our clients. Our personalised process is backed by science and our commitment to ongoing research and innovations sets us apart from all others. We invest heavily in ongoing research and our PhD program to innovate and continually refine and improve our services for the industry.

Phone: 1300 80 61 29
Website: b2wsolutions.com.au/
Email: referrals@b2wsolutions.com.au


IPAR has extensive experience assisting people who have been injured in a transport accident to recover and return to work and wellbeing.

Since partnering with the TAC in 2011, IPAR has supported over 3,500 people of varying ages, work experience and occupations on their recovery journey. Over many years, we have found that working collaboratively with the client, their employer, treating practitioners and the TAC, is the best way to help clients make a recovery and return to work as soon as it is safe to do so.

Website: ipar.com.au
Locations: ipar.com.au/locations
Phone: 03 8648 0900

IPAR's summary of services for the TAC brochure PDF, 0.17MB

What our TAC clients say about IPAR

“I have absolutely nothing but praise for IPAR. They were incredibly supportive, the employment counselling was really helpful and they were a wealth of knowledge and so very supportive. Thank you so much for allowing me to access this service”
“They're very professional, friendly and knowledgeable with their work. They go above and beyond what's expected of them. They show genuine interest to their clients.”


Nabenet has been a leading provider of health, wellbeing, and injury management services across Victoria since 2002. Offering personalised service, professionalism, and care, we are occupational health experts who understand the needs of individuals faced with an injury, illness, or condition that impacts on their lives.

Telephone: (03) 9981 9888
Website: nabenet.com.au

Nabenet - About us leaflet PDF, 1.21MB

We are here to help.

You can count on Nabenet to provide uncomplicated, supportive, and empowering services  to help you get back to life or back to work.

It all starts with a conversation. We will listen, understand your unique circumstances, and partner with you on a collaborative plan to support you in your rehabilitation, at any stage.

We can support you with the following services:

  • Activities of Daily Living, to help review areas of personal self-care and general activities within and outside of the home to determine whether you need extra support
  • Functional Assessments, to help you understand your functional status which can determine what activities or return to work arrangements are the safest
  • Exercise Programs, to help with strength building, stretching, weight management, and boosting energy levels
  • Health Coaching and Recovery Support Programs, to help you identify and seek support in return to life needs that may centre around connection, wellbeing, health, and recovery
  • Return to Work Services, to help you return to work with your pre-accident employer or a new employer safely and sustainably
  • Ergonomic and Worksite Assessments, to ensure that your workplace is ergonomically designed to minimise the risk of injury and maximise your productivity when you do return to work

Our consultants are specialised in the following areas and look forward to partnering with you:

  • Psychologists
  • Rehabilitation Counsellors
  • Exercise Physiologists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Osteopaths
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Nurses
  • Chiropractors
  • Employment Consultants

Contact us today to see how we can support you.

Prestige Health Services Australia (PHSA)

PHSA has supported over 7,000 participants with their recovery / return to work post injury. Our team of experienced allied health professionals have the confidence, capability and experience to support you to achieve your health, social and work goals after a transport related accident.

Telephone: 1300 522 141
Website: PHSA | Allied Health and Workplace Rehabilitation Services
Email: info@phsa.com.au

Our Mission and Values

PHSA’s mission statement is to achieve sustainable health, social and return to work goals throughout Australia. To deliver on this mission statement our team members lead with the following 3 values:

  1. Integrity in all that we do internally and externally of the organisation
  2. Quality service delivery at all times ensuring excellence in customer service
  3. Belief that we can and will assist our customers to achieve health, social and return to work goals

Our approach

PHSA will only utilise experienced allied health professionals to support you with your health, social and work goals. We will ensure that we match an allied health professional to you based on your specific needs. To do this, we will ensure your consultant has experience and capability to support you based on your injury type and geographical location.

Our areas of speciality

PHSA can provide vocational supports for any injury type post transport related accident. We have specialised capability in serious / catastrophic injury such as (not limited to); Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI); Spinal Cord Injury (SCI); Amputations; Vision Loss and Burns.

PHSA has extensive experience working alongside our participants to identify and address the specific supports you may require post injury enabling you to flourish at home, work and in the community.

Rehab Management

Rehab Management is an award-winning, nationally accredited vocational rehabilitation provider. We focus on community engagement and sustainable vocational outcomes.

Telephone: 1300 762 989

Our multidisciplinary team delivers a wide range of individual services and integrated rehabilitation and workplace health solutions.

Our commitment to diversity, social inclusion and respect for cultural differences supports our business goals and strategic objectives.

Our Mission

People are at the centre of our business.

We help them achieve their best outcomes through innovation, dedication and best practice.

Our Vision

Our 2020 vision is to lead Australia in occupational rehabilitation excellence and be a provider of choice for individuals and organisations.

Our Values

Our values underpin the essence of our rehab team. They shape how we deliver services, communicate and define our roles as representatives of the company.

People - People are our business.

Quality - Excellence is our standard in all things.

Customer focus - Commitment to customer satisfaction/experience and positive outcomes is the essence of our success.

Innovation - We have a commitment to innovative solutions and strive to be innovative industry leaders.

Health benefits of good work are entrenched in our company philosophy.

WorkFocus Australia

WorkFocus Australia is one of Victoria’s most recognised and successful rehabilitation providers. Our team of multidisciplinary experts are here, ready to help you.

Telephone: 1300 570 181
Website: workfocus.com/
Locations: workfocus.com/office-locator/
Email: For all Victorian referrals melbourne@workfocus.com
For all interstate referrals help@workfocus.com

WorkFocus - New horizons booklet
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We know that an accident can disrupt your health and all aspects of your life. So, we’ll work with you to return you to better health and life as quickly as possible and keep it that way.

We want you to focus on your recovery, so we’ll take the confusion out of everything. Your dedicated WorkFocus Rehabilitation Consultant will talk with the TAC, health professionals and other providers, keeping everyone in the loop and ensuring a smooth process for you. Most importantly, you will receive the treatment and help you need.

To achieve the best recovery, we’ll utilise the skills of our multidisciplinary team of return to work experts including Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Exercise Physiologists, Osteopaths, Social Workers and Rehabilitation Counsellors to develop a tailored recovery program just for you.

At WorkFocus Australia, we listen to you, and we’ll support you to reach the recovery goals that are most important to you.

We want to make your recovery as easy and convenient as possible, so we provide our services in person, on the phone or via video; whichever you prefer. Our team is also located at 18 offices across Victoria, so we’re always ready to meet you at a location that works for you, no matter how remote.