Loss of wages for parents of injured children

We are here to help at this difficult time. As well as giving information and advice we can pay loss of wages for a parent who visits their dependent child in hospital.

How we approve loss of wages for parents

We can pay a loss of wages to the parents of a dependent child if:

  • Their child is an inpatient in hospital with an accepted TAC claim
  • They have a loss of wages because they have taken time off work to visit their child in hospital, and
  • They have more than five days of lost wages.

Payment of lost wages in the first five days

The TAC, by law, cannot ordinarily pay for the first five working days that are lost to visit a dependent child in hospital.

During the first five days parents need to use their workplace leave, if possible.

If you are in, or at risk of, acute financial hardship, you can ask the TAC to pay your lost wages during the first five days. We can pay you if you don’t have enough income to cover your  immediate family living expenses.  To work this out we will look at whether you have:

  • Unused sick or annual leave entitlements from your employer;
  • Outstanding debts such as loan repayments, electricity, gas and other household expenses, and
  • A bank balance with enough money to cover outstanding debts and your anticipated living expenses.

How to make a claim for loss of wages

If you need to claim a loss of wages, you will need to send us proof of your lost wages including:

  • Latest payslips; and
  • Letter from your employer

How is loss of wages paid?

We will pay loss of wages directly to your nominated bank account.

How much we will pay?

We will pay 100% of a parent’s lost wages, up to a maximum of $1,430* per week ($286 per day).

The total amount we can pay on a child’s claim is capped at $10,650*.

It is each parent’s responsibility to make a claim for lost wages.

We will process payment for each parent’s loss of wages when we receive the information listed in the ‘How to make a claim for loss of wages’ section of this policy.

What we won’t pay for

We cannot pay for:

  • The same day of lost wages on more than one TAC claim
  • Replacement labour where you are a sole-business operator
  • The cost of meals or other living expenses
  • Any Government related benefits.

Definition of a parent

For this policy a parent is:

  • A person who normally lives with and has day to day care and control of the child
  • A guardian of the child.

*These amounts apply when a claim for loss of wages by a parent is made for the first time on or after 1 July 2020.