Road accident rescue services (RAR)


The TAC will pay the reasonable cost of (Road Accident Rescue) RAR services required following a transport accident.

Transport Accident Act 1986 reference: s.60 and s.121 


RAR services comprise:

  • Victorian State Emergency Services - Vic SES
  • Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board - MFESB
  • Country Fire Authority - CFA.
  • Echucha / Moama Road Accident Rescue Service
  • Shepparton Road Accident Rescue Service


What RAR service will the TAC consider funding?

The TAC will fund:

  • only one of the services per accident (not per claim), even though any or all of the above services can be called to the scene of an accident.
  • the first account received from any of the above services for each accident.
  • RAR costs when liability has been accepted for at least one claim resulting from an accident.

In all circumstances, the TAC client will not be responsible for outstanding costs of RAR services over and above what the TAC can fund.