Schedule 4 Occupational Therapy Services - Authorised Services

The Transport Accident Commission pursuant to section 23 (1)(aaa) of the Transport Accident Act 1986 hereby authorises the services described in this Schedule to be attendances, examinations or treatments by a registered occupational therapist for the purposes of the Act.

Authorised Services

Occupational therapy (OT) services refers to clinical assessment and treatment services provided by an occupational therapist to assist an individual to maximise his/her independence in activities of daily living and productive activities including paid work, study, volunteering and childhood play.

OT Services require prior approval in writing before the services can be provided.

Authorised OT services include:

  • prescribing exercises to maximise a TAC client's function and promote the recovery of or rehabilitation from his/her injury
  • prescribing adaptive and/or alternative techniques to make it easier for a TAC client to perform activities, e.g. breaking strenuous tasks into smaller more manageable tasks
  • prescribing equipment that will facilitate and/or maximise a TAC client's independence and participation, e.g. installing a rail in a bathroom
  • conducting assessments to assist in establishing what support services that a TAC client may require as a result of his/her injury/illness, e.g. attendant care, and
  • to complete and issue Certificates of Capacity for TAC clients.

OT Services must be provided by occupational therapists who are registered with the Occupational Therapy Board of Australia.