Travel and accommodation

We’re here to help you get your life back on track after your transport accident. To help you get to your treatment appointments and services we will pay for your travel costs in Australia.

While you are in hospital, we can also pay the costs of travel and accommodation so that your immediate family members can visit you if they live more than 100km from your hospital.

If you are a dependent child we can pay for your parents to visit you in hospital.

TAC approved services

We will pay for:

  • Public transport (train, bus or tram) or the cost of kilometres travelled in a private vehicle or hire car for travel related to the treatment of your transport accident injury. We will only pay for travel when you go to see a member of your treating team or when the TAC or your solicitor arranges for you to attend an independent medical examination or impairment assessment.
  • Travel to work, for no more than 24 weeks (consecutive or non-consecutive) up to $1,670. We will also pay for your transport to work as part of an approved return to work program,
  • Travel to one of our pre-vocational or vocational training programs,
  • Travel to an authorised supported employment service,
  • Accommodation and meal expenses when the TAC or your solicitor arranges for you to attend an independent medical examination or impairment assessment.

If your injuries stop you from travelling to education in your usual way, we will pay for a different type of transport. For example, if you normally ride a bicycle to university and you cannot ride because of an injured leg, we will pay for you to take the bus.

We will also pay for any required road tolls or car parking when you see a member of your treating team.

Air travel

Air travel may be paid when you need to see a specialist or to attend a medical examination. We can arrange non-urgent air travel for you.

Travel costs that need TAC approval

Taxi travel and ridesharing services

We may pay for travel by taxi or a ridesharing service such as Uber if you cannot drive or take public transport because of your transport accident injuries.

Taxis and ridesharing services will only be approved if you have no other way to get to your TAC related medical appointments or to travel to other locations approved by the TAC.

How we organise the travel services you need

When needed, we will also work with your treating team to help them organise the travel services and support you need.

We may contact your treating team to discuss your progress or request an assessment to make sure that:

  • You have access to the most appropriate treatment and support.
  • You are getting proven, evidence-based treatment and not receiving treatment that isn't helping you recover.
  • You are moving towards getting your life back on track or being able to live independently.

How much we will pay

We pay up to a maximum of 30 cents per kilometre when you use your own vehicle or a hire car to go to your transport accident medical appointments and consultations, or you travel to your workplace or educational facility.

For family members visiting you in hospital we can pay the costs of their travel and accommodation such as a hotel or motel, petrol, public transport, air fares, Visa application fees, a hire car or taxis/rideshare, parking and tolls up to a maximum amount of $23,350. The maximum amount does not apply to parents visiting a dependent child in hospital.

How these services are paid for

If we have arranged a taxi for you to attend a consultation or medical examination we will pay the provider directly. If you have paid for rideshare or for other travel expenses you can submit your receipt via myTAC and ask us to repay you.

For public transport repayment you will need to provide details of the travel, including the date, reason for travel and a copy of your receipt, ticket or myki statement.

Immediate family members claiming the cost of visiting the injured person in hospital should submit a TAC Visiting Expenses Declaration. We pay for your services in line with our responsibilities under the Transport Accident Act 1986.

What we won’t pay for

We cannot pay for:

  • A service that is not reasonable, necessary or appropriate
  • Travel where a car has been written off in the transport accident and you want us to cover the cost of hiring a vehicle or pay for associated running costs, such as fuel
  • The costs of travel, taxis or rideshare services that are not used to attend treatment of your transport accident injuries or to go to an approved location
  • The cost of your family member’s meals when they travel, stay in accommodation or visit you
  • The costs of travel or accommodation for your family members after you have been discharged from hospital.