Who we are

The TAC is a Victorian Government-owned organisation set up to promote road safety and help pay for treatment and benefits for people injured in transport accidents. See About us.

At the TAC, we’re dedicated to promoting road safety and supporting the thousands of people injured every year in accidents on Victorian roads.

We help cover the costs of treatments and services to help our clients get back on track. But we can only do this when we work in partnership with providers like you.

To best support TAC clients, here are some important things to know about working with us.

Getting started

To register as a provider, head to our website. In most cases, you can start delivering services straight away.

When a person is injured, they’ll make a TAC claim. We’ll let them know when it’s accepted and provide information on how to access the relevant services.

They’ll also receive a TAC claim number. Ask for this when they make an appointment to confirm they are a TAC client.

Seeking TAC payment approval

Within the first 90 days of a client’s accident, we can help pay for many of their treatments and services without the need for you, or the client, to contact us for approval.

If a TAC client needs treatment beyond the first 90 days post-accident and a current approval is not in place, send us a request in writing or a copy of their treatment plan. This helps us understand more about their injuries and the treatment and support they need.

Invoicing the TAC

After you deliver a treatment or service, you can invoice us at the TAC rate. If there will be a gap payment, please let the client know before their appointment.

For the fastest payment, many providers invoice us online through HICAPS Digital Claims.

You can also email or post us an invoice. Follow our invoicing guidelines to avoid delays.

Delivering health treatment

TAC resources can support you in achieving the best possible outcomes for clients.

Access our website for our Clinical Framework and outcome measures. You can also contact our Clinical Panel, a team of experienced health professionals who can provide advice on clients with complex needs.

Thank you for the care you deliver to TAC clients.

For more information, please visit tac.vic.gov.au/providers

How to register as a TAC provider

If you are a health or service provider delivering treatment or services to a TAC client, you can register with us here.

If you are already a registered provider you can:

You can also access information on our logo policy.

Your responsibilities

Health and service providers can support TAC clients with treatments and services that:

Confirming eligibility

To make a TAC claim, individuals must provide written details of the injuries they have sustained in the transport accident from their health provider.

Before providing a treatment or service, you can confirm that your patient/client has an accepted TAC claim by either:

  • asking them to share their TAC claim number with you (found on their claim acceptance letter or the myTAC app),
  • checking in HICAPS Digital Claims, our online payment platform for eligible providers, or
  • calling us so we can confirm the claim.

Treatments and services

Within the first 90 days of a client’s accident, we can help pay for some treatments and services without the need for you or the client to contact us for approval first. In other circumstances, you or the client will need to contact us for approval. For details visit What we can pay for.

If you are a health professional and intend to continue treating a TAC client beyond 90 days after their transport accident, you will need to send us a request in writing or a copy of their treatment plan. For details, visit How to seek TAC approval.

You can also access an overview of items we cannot pay for and see our provider guidelines for those items specific to your profession.

How much we can pay

We can pay for treatments and services in line with our published fees.

If your fee is higher than our fee, you may choose to charge the client the difference in the form of a gap payment.

How to invoice us

You can invoice us by email or post by following our invoice requirements.

Many treatments and services can be invoiced via HICAPS Digital Claims, our online payment platform that enables next-business day payments.

Resources to support health treatment

Health professionals can access resources that include:

  • The Clinical Framework, a set of guiding principles to help you deliver the right care at the right time.
  • Outcome measures to help you assess a client’s health status and demonstrate the effectiveness of treatment.
  • Our Clinical Panel of experienced professionals who can give you support and advice as you treat TAC clients.