Refusal or revocation of registration

We may refuse to register or revoke your registration as a provider of disability services if you:

  • Fail to comply with any condition of registration with us
  • Fail to demonstrate capacity to deliver services in line with the National Standards for Disability Services (the Standards)
  • Fail to comply with the Standards; or
  • Fail to comply with any other relevant legislation.

How we will provide notice to you

We may, if appropriate, discuss what you need to do to achieve or maintain your registration status. This may include a decision to attach conditions to your registration. This option is only available for existing providers (not new applicants).

Where you are still found to be non-compliant we will issue you with a notice about the proposed refusal or revocation of your registration. This will include:

  • Reasons for the proposed decision; and
  • Your rights to reapply in writing within 28 days of the notice being issued.

We will consider any new submission or information you provide before we make our final decision.

You can expect to be kept regularly informed about our deliberations, and you will receive written notice of our final decision.

If your registration is refused or revoked your organisation’s details will no longer appear on our provider listings.

Referral to relevant authorities

We may refer concerns about misconduct and other obligations you have failed to meet with the relevant provider, governing body or authority in accordance with the Transport Accident Act 1986.

Your rights to appeal our decision

You may apply to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) for a review of the decision to refuse or revoke registration within twelve months (52 weeks) of:

  • day of the dated decision; or
  • after you have requested a statement of reasons in relation to the decision.

VCAT may affirm or overturn the decision to refuse or revoke registration, or return the matter to us for re-evaluation.

Where VCAT upholds your appeal and registration is granted your details will be reinstated to the relevant register.

Where VCAT rejects the applicant’s appeal, the decision to refuse or revoke registration, will be confirmed.

Any future application for registration

You can reapply to provide disability services with us after a decision has been to refuse or revoke your registration.

We will assess each application on its own merits.

You should ensure any prior reasons for refusal or revocation of you registration has been addressed, and you can satisfy all registration criteria.