Information on medical examinations

If you are claiming support services from the TAC, you are obliged to attend any medical examination that has been arranged for you. In some circumstances we can suspend the funding of your support services if you fail to attend an examination without a reasonable excuse.

Medical examinations help the TAC find out whether you are receiving the appropriate treatment, how your injuries are progressing and what other assistance may be available to you.

What to bring to a medical examination

Your appointment letter will let you know what you need to take to an examination. This may include x-rays, hospital discharge summaries and medical reports from other specialists and your treating doctor.

If you need to obtain this information from the hospital where you were treated you may have to pay a fee. The TAC will reimburse the reasonable cost of any such reports.

Assistance from the TAC

In order to minimise any difficulties that attending a medical examination may cause, we provide the following help if needed:

An interpreter: Contact the TAC and we will arrange a professional interpreter who speaks your language to be present at your examination

Travel costs: The TAC will reimburse the reasonable cost of travelling to and from medical examinations

Accommodation: If you live in rural Victoria or interstate and are asked to attend a medical examination in Melbourne, there is a TAC rate for reimbursement of accommodation and travel expenses

Time off work to attend: If you have to take time off work to attend a medical examination and you lose income as a result, we will reimburse you for lost wages. The maximum we can reimburse is $278. This amount applies if you attend an examination between 1 July 2019 and 30 June 2020. No tax is deducted from this amount.

You can talk to us about any of these issues before the examination.

Medical examiners

All medical examiners are specialists who are qualified to give independent medical opinions on the types of injuries sustained in transport accidents.

If you can't attend an appointment

It is in your interests to attend appointments to assist with the processing of your entitlements. If you cannot attend a medical examination, you must contact the TAC as soon as possible and another appointment can be arranged.


The TAC is committed to protecting your privacy and treats all information about you in strict confidence. The Transport Accident Act 1986 and other legislation regulate the use of information about you. For more information please see our privacy policy.