P Platers and Distractions

What's the risk?

Driving a car is one of the most complex tasks we undertake and requires full concentration. Taking your eyes off the road to tune the stereo, answer a call or set the GPS, even for just a couple of seconds, can result in devastating outcomes. Taking your eyes off the road for two seconds at 50km/h is the equivalent of driving 27 metres effectively blind.

How can you help.

Distractions can come from technology (such as mobile phones), from passengers or from external distractions in the road environment.

You can encourage a young driver to completely remove the potential distraction of a ringing mobile by putting it in the boot until they reach their destination.  If they need to make a call or reset the GPS, encourage them to pull over at a safe place. 

There are also applications available that can stop a mobile ringing in transit while still getting a message through to the caller like Road Mode.

Remember it's a good idea to remind your young driver to stay focused when behind the wheel.

For more information, check out the TAC's distraction campaigns.


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